Under Joe Biden, the U.S. military is descending into chaos, folks, and this week we have yet another example of how the Pentagon is training our soldiers to hate the U.S.A.

The indispensable Chaya Raichik, of Libs of TikTok fame, found this scoop, and it should disgust us all.

This bullet point list of what our soldiers are being exposed to at the U.S. Command and General Staff College is not just horrible, it is dangerous.

The college is teaching young soldiers who wish to become future military leaders that white people are permanently and inherently racist, that the country is a bad place, and that even their parents are terrible people.

Take a look at this outrageous, destructive, junk:

This is what Joe Biden and the Democrat Party is doing to our military. And it’s no wonder we no longer have the best military in the world.

So, why is Joe Biden doing this?

Not because he wants a military force that will stand up to our enemies abroad.

It’s because he wants a military trained to hate the United States and so he — or the next Democrat who comes to power — can use this military to shoot down other Americans who happen to disagree with the extreme left.

There is no other reason, folks. It isn’t a problem that they are teaching the military to hate their own country.

It’s a feature.

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