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Perspective on World and national news, and how that news is being covered by the traditional mainstream media with a smattering of culture, faith, and a lot of snark. All from the standpoint of a politically conservative, observant Jew.


Since the site was started in 2005, its mission has been to provide an accurate and unique perspective on the news, along with finding the stories the mainstream media does not cover. Accuracy must be important; therefore, each news fact presented on the site either links to the original source, report, or video, or if a link is unavailable, identifies the source. The only exception is news events covered personally by owner/editor Jeff Dunetz. Those events will be identified in the posts they are covered.

Important Note: The Lid strives to be factually accurate. If you read something in a post you think is incorrect (facts not opinion), PLEASE let me know what is incorrect via the contact page and if you can include a link where the correct information can be found.


The site is owned and edited by Jeff Dunetz. All content is approved by, and most of it is written by the owner. The only source of funding for the site is the advertising, which is sold and integrated by the Patriot Ad Network who also maintains the design and technical operations of the website under the direction of the site’s owner.