Why do men pretending to be women need a special voting center? That doesn’t seem to be a question the leftists in Los Angeles County asked. Instead, they asked why transgenders DON’T have one. So, they opened one. With your tax dollars.

Officials proudly announced that they have launched the voting space at the Connie Norman Transgender Empowerment Center in Los Angeles County which dedicated its hallowed name to a trans voting center this primary season, according to CBS News.

Democratic Lt. Gov. Eleni Kounalakis happily visited the center last week and gushed about how it is a “safe space” for men pretending to be women.

“By providing a safe and affirming space for the transgender community to exercise their fundamental right to vote, we are breaking down barriers and ensuring every Californian has equal access to the ballot box,” Kounalakis blurted out during her visit.

First of all, where in lunatic, leftist Los Angeles ISN’T a “safe space” for so-called transgender people?

L.A. City Councilwoman Katy Yaroslavsky was also on hand to bleat about how important this venture is and gushed that she “couldn’t be prouder” about this wasteful nonsense.

“As extremists across the country continue their endless attacks on both the LGBT community and our democracy, Los Angeles must stand as a beacon of hope,” Yaroslavsky piously exclaimed. “I want to thank CONOTEC for opening this voting center and for the critical work they do every day to support the needs of the Los Angeles transgender and nonbinary community.”

Its all just another absurd example of the kowtowing to the extreme leftist agenda and the further Balkanization of our society where every disgruntled, fringe, minority group gets its set asides and segregated carve outs.

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