Once again, we see Democrats bending over backwards to help illegals get ahead of citizens. Now the Democrat infested state of Washington is pushing a new law to allow illegal aliens to obtain commercial drivers licenses.

Currently, illegals do not qualify to get a CDL needed to work in fields including delivery trucks, over-the-road trucking, livery, and other jobs.

Now, state Democrats want to change the rules to allow illegals to take more jobs away from Americans.

Per Just The News:

Under HB 1889 sponsored by Rep. Amy Walen, D-Kirkland, these individuals will now be able to obtain those certificates or licenses to work jobs that include: Nurses, Teachers, Sex offender treatment providers, Architects, Pharmacists, Dentists, and dental hygienists/Home care providers.

Instead of providing proof of citizenship via a Social Security number, an illegal foreign national would only have to provide an individual taxpayer identification number. Neither an SNN or ITIN could be disclosed by the state agency for any reason except tax or licensing purposes, or to enforce child support payments. The bill does not apply to licenses connected to interstate compacts.

At the bill’s March 13 signing, Inslee said illegal immigrants who apply for a certificate or license must “still meet rigorous professional standards and pass necessary qualification exams.” He added that the law will “open doors for careers in teaching, accounting, and many other professions for those who are ready to join the Washington workforce.”

Once again, Democrats are working to give illegals more advantages.

what a surprise, huh?

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