On Thurs Jeff Dunetz, The Lid, did his usual Thursday guest gig on Mark Schaftlein on the Schaftlein Report. For those who don’t know, The Lid has the great honor to be Marks’s guest every Thursday.

As usual on The Schaftlein Report. Mark and I had a great conversation on all the day’s hot news. It seems as if every time I am a guest on Mark’s show, it’s a big news day, and this time was no different. Our topics included:

Which Candidate Do You Support in the Republican Primaries?

1) Biden calls Putin a War Criminal (maybe). What does it mean? Can it be enforced?

2) Putin targeting Kids. Russians kill 10 civilians waiting in a bread line. Has he brought back the soviet gulag?

3)Zelenskyy speech moves bi-partisan effort to secure more weapons – Biden to provide long-range anti-aircraft systems and munitions. Some of the weapons are already there. Zelensky scolds the Germans for not doing more to help Ukraine. Why won’t the US allow the planes to move from Poland to Ukraine?

3) Russian civilians are upset with the Putin war with Ukraine.

4) Media and Biden blame Putin for high gas prices – Biden blames the gas companies. He doesn’t understand that price for a barrel of crude is a leading indicator of prices at the pump. Any drop in crude costs takes a while to work its way through.

5) Democrats fume over high gas prices as they are being blamed. Progressives are trying to make it worse. They want less drilling. Ordinary Democrats want more drilling.

6)Why is Biden allowing Russia to lead the costs for a new Iran Iand deal.

7) Biden’s policy of being soft on crime has its effects.

8) DOJ criticized as soft on crime when federal arsonist (who supported BLM) is only given 10 years after killing someone in the fire. The BLM leader and husband were hit by federal fraud and conspiracy charges. Did that have to do with the story about the BLM leader buying houses with the group’s money?

9) Predictions about the future.


Make sure to watch/listen to Mark’s program every Monday-Thursday. It’s always a great show, but to be honest, it’s a little more extraordinary on Thursdays when I’m the guest.

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