Woke government leftists in Ireland were shocked when the voters thoroughly routed their left-wing, anti-woman, and anti-family proposals to change the country’s constitution on Friday.

Most Americans probably missed this news because it occurred late on Friday evening as most were headed into the weekend, but this story is excellent news for those who support traditional, western society. The Irish voters caught the woke government operatives off guard when they went to the polls on Friday.

Indeed, the woke government leftists even called for the vote on Friday to coincide with the idiotic “International Women’s Day” in an effort to stir hearts in favor of eliminating the country’s constitutional language that protects and pronounces value for families and motherhood, Just the News reported.

These wokesters imagined that the so-called “Women’s Day” celebration might cause voters to approve their changes to the constitution that would have eliminated “very old-fashioned, very sexist language about women,” as Prime Minister Leo Varadkar said in his support of the measures.

Varadkar, who’s heritage is Indian, not Irish, seemed to think that the Irish people were ready to become woke. They disabused him of his radical notion with a 67.7% to 32.3% rejecting his wokeness.

That result ended a measure that would have changed the definition of “family” to one including other woke options than that founded on marriage between a man and a woman.

A second measure that would have ditched language in the constitution that favors motherhood failed by an even greater margin, losing 73.9% to 26.1%.

Varadkar was shocked by the rebuke at the ballot box.

“It was our responsibility to convince a majority of people to vote yes, and we clearly failed to do so,” Varadkar said after his ideas were completely destroyed by the voters.

“Clearly we got it wrong,” he added. “While the old adage is that success has many fathers and failure is an orphan, I think when you lose by this kind of margin, there are a lot of people who got this wrong and I am certainly one of them.”

The Irish Times pointed out the stark differences between the people and their officials.

As ballot boxes were opened around the country on Saturday morning, it quickly became clear that the proposed constitutional amendments on care and family were going to be defeated. The proposals had the backing of the three Government parties as well as Sinn Féin, most of the Opposition and a range of well-known campaign groups. However, those endorsements, albeit qualified in several cases, counted for little in a campaign that failed to capture the attention of much of the public.

Those “in charge” clearly have no connection to the people they are trying to rule.

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