Today, President Trump became the first sitting American President to “visit” North Korea.  He met North Korean leader Kim Jong Un at the demilitarized zone (DMZ), stepped across the dividing curb, the two leaders had an hour-long meeting which resulted in a restart of the negotiations between the two countries and the liberals going nuts.

After a week where the liberals went nuts, claiming Trump was trying to push America into a war with Iran, liberals went nuts because the President is striving for peace with North Korea:

For example, Hillary Clinton puppet Andrea Mitchell:


Obama’s spin-meister Ben Rhodes

I guess Rhodes wants conflict with N. Korea, but he likes our appeasement of Iran.


Former National Security Council spokesman for Obama didn’t appreciate the Tump/Kim Meeting

But only eleven days ago he retweeted this Bernie Sanders warning. In other words no to Iran war, yes to North Korea war.


But Obama!



Ellen seems so nice on her program, but her producer Andy Lassner…maybe not so much:


Politico said it was all about the 2020 election

And they are correct, if we get into a nuclear war with North Korea millions will die, many of them will be voters possibly hurting his re-election.


Joe, he has conceded as much the U.S. has conceded on sanctions. Sorry, Joe, you are thinking about Obama, he spent his time conceding to Iran.


 Two weeks ago, Chuck Schumer said he worried that the Trump administration may “bumble into a war” with Iran. Now worries that Trump may bumble into peace?

If the renewed talks lead to an agreement, Schumer will probably criticize Trump for hurting sales at military-related manufacturers, he doesn’t care about America, only politics


Sen. Pocahontas thought the meeting was a bad idea:

As did the Senator from Planned Parenthood:


During the Democratic debate last week Amy Klobuchar said:

President Trump is hell-bent on starting a war with Iran. My first act will be to engage Iran to stabilize the Middle East and make sure we do not start an unwanted never-ending war.

But today she didn’t like that the Trump/Kim meeting led an agreement to restart talks:


This senator learned everything he knows when he served in combat during the Vietnam War

Yep, nothing!


MSNBC’s in-house bigot, Joy Reid believes a war with N. Korea is good, but a war with Iran is wrong. 

Joy not that you care about the truth, but the president has said he doesn’t want a war with either country.


S.E. Cup who made it “big” because she was a conservative commentator who liked to show her legs on RedEye:

Now on CNN, she doesn’t try to debase fellow female commentators by being a pundit-sex object, and today she debased the Trump meeting.


One of the reasons Donald Trump was elected president was his business experience. Part of that experience was being a premier salesman. His establishment of personal connections with people like Kim Jung Un, China’s Xi Jinping, and others, is all about sales. Trump is trying to sell Kim on giving up his nukes and President Xi ending China’s anti-free trade practices—but it is all about his salesmanship.

While liberals and other Trump-haters pontificate negativity about today’s Trump/Kim meeting and especially his few steps into North Korean territory, as someone who spent much of his career in sales, I can endorse today’s short session.  Closing a deal, in this case trying to get Kim Jung Un to give up his nukes, requires a personal relationship and face to face meetings. Some have complained that Kim hasn’t made any concessions yet (except for stopping nuclear tests), the United States hasn’t made any concessions either, and Trump will not withdraw the sanctions until Kim Jung Un makes serious atomic concessions. That is the art of the deal!


Trump DMZ liberals

Trump DMZ liberals