On today’s Lid Radio Show  we are honored to welcome my good friend Andrew Malcolm veteran national and foreign correspondent, editor, editorial writer and blogger, who’s spent nearly four decades working for U.S. newspapers and another eight years in government and politics. Today he is a  National Politics Columnist for McClatchy Newspapers and one of the most influential voices on Twitter.

Lid Radio Show

Andrew was designated by Ed Morrissey as “the prince of twitter,” because of his large following and must read posts. Malcolm is the perfect guest to have on during a political campaign because he’s done it all.

Along with all those real achievements, Andrew is my journalism Yoda. Whenever I have a question about journalistic ethics, whether or not a story has enough proof or is worth reporting at all, etc. I ask Andrew to impart some journalism wisdom.’

Andrew and I will be discussing this crazy presidential race, and why the only time he interviewed “The Greatest” Mohammed Ali, the champ was stark naked.

And by the way, if you do not follow Andrew on twitter, you are doing yourself a major disservice. His handle is @ahmalcolm, and take my advice and follow him right now. And bookmark the McClatchy Newspapers site so you can read Andrew’s columns.

Today’s show at 2PM EDT is going to be GREAT, so make sure to listen by clicking on the SHR Media network link. And while I’m interviewing Andrew, come into the chat room and ask questions or comment.

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