On Tuesday, Oct. 12th, the Lid was the guest of Mark Schaftlein on his program The Schaftlein Report. the Biden economy

Mark and I had a great conversation, spending most of the time talking about some of the economic failures of the Biden administration (to cover all of the failures, the program would need to be a month long). The  specific topics included:

  • Prices for staple goods are the highest in over a decade and really hurting the middle class
  • Since the Nixon energy crisis, Biden is the first president not trying to make America energy independent (something Trump achieved).
  • Energy costs will continue to spike, a strong contributor to inflation. Will hit businesses and average families.
  • For people in the north, it’s going to be a rough winter.
  • Supply chain problems are getting worse and going nation  – Contributing factors include energy crunch. shortage of truck drivers and dock workers unload storage containers, and of course, Biden policies making it more profitable to stay at home without working
  • Will the shipping crisis affect Christmas toys?
  • The dearth of semiconductors and they are in just about everything.
  • Now many Democrats are nervous about the size of Biden’s Fake Infrastructure.
  • Jon Gruden resigns as Raiders coach based on old emails
  • Vaccine Mandates -Will Texas Govs Ban on mandates stick?
  • Where’s Kamala?

Watch the video below– I promise you will find the program entertaining, informative, and at times a bit snarky (I can’t help it, snark is in my DNA)


Make sure to watch Mark’s program every Monday-Thursday. Each show is posted at  8PM on the Schaftein Report website or on the Shaftlein Report’s Facebook page, which can be found by clicking here.

NOTE: I am looking forward to my next scheduled guest appearance on Oct. 26th.

the Biden economy