Led by the state of Florida, some states are beginning to line up pledging not to implement Joe Biden’s radical attempt to eliminate girl’s sports by forcing every school in the nation to admit boys pretending to be girls onto their girl’s sports teams.

This month, Biden’s misnamed Department of Education issued the new updates to the Title IX rules that govern “discrimination” in the nation’s school that receive federal funding. The original rules from 1972 aimed to make sure schools could not discriminate against minorities or females and in particular was responsible for assuring that girls had sports opportunities in primary and higher education.

Ignoring the rules could result in lawsuits filed against the offending school as well as the cutting off of federal funding.

Biden’s new rules represent some extremely radical changes to this body of compulsory rules. They force schools to use a student’s “preferred pronouns” (meaning they force schools to indulge the mental disorders of students), they force schools to allow transgender “girls” (who are boys) to play on their girl’s teams, and they take away due process from males accused of sexual misconduct in colleges.

These radical, un-American changes are seeing stiff resistance.

For one, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has said his state will not comply.

“Florida’s response to Joe Biden trying to inject gender ideology into education, undermining opportunities for girls and women, violating parents’ rights, and abusing his constitutional authority: We will not comply,” he wrote on X.

Meanwhile, Oklahoma State Superintendent of Public Instruction Ryan Walters also condemned Biden’s extreme updates to Title IX, called the changes “radical and illegal,” and said that he does not intend to comply with the rules.

“President Biden deciding to rewrite Title IX is one of the most radical and illegal moves we’ve ever seen from the federal government. It’s an attack on our states. It’s an attack on our families. And it’s an attack on our young women and girls. We will not stand for this in Oklahoma,” said Walters.

“We are pursuing all actions to oppose this illegal and unconstitutional move by the Biden administration. We have already instructed our districts to not comply with this illegal rule change for president Biden. We will not allow boys in the girls restrooms. We will not put boys in girls sports as a coach and as a parent. I’ve watched young girls work to learn the lessons that come along with playing sports.”

“They have been able to show leadership. They have been able to dedicate so much of their life to learning those lessons that come from hard work, that come from teamwork, that come from competition. And to see the federal government try to erase girl sports is disgusting.”

“We’ve already heard back from a lot of districts that are very pleased that we stood in front of them in this dictate from the federal government. We’re very proud of our districts that are holding the line, and we will never allow Joe Biden to control our schools and indoctrinate our kids.”

“Our young girls deserve these experiences, and they shouldn’t have them ripped away from some activists in Washington, D.C., who want to use the power of the federal government to impose radical gender theory on our state. I will continue to keep you all updated as we continue to move swiftly and aggressively against this overreach.”

Officials in Louisiana, Montana, and South Carolina are also mounting challegeds, according to Education Week

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