solar panels

by Dr. Joel S. Holmes (with some revisions by Jeff Dunetz)

Joe Biden is polluting the world with massive air flights for him and a load of his climate staff (including John Kerry, who, by the way, served in Vietnam), jaunting off to the world climate summit in Glasgow, Scotland next month.

But much of what leftist Democrats are doing in promoting the Climate Change false religion and alternate energy can be easily negated. Yes, we can win the battle.

Know the enemy, know ourselves, and in 1,000 battles, 1,000 victories.

Yes, the battle against the insane electric car policy and the whole Green New Deal can be won, using just three little words.

Well, to be exact six words, and here they are:

Solar Panels Don’t Work At Night

As an alternative energy engineer, I had the misfortune to work with solar electric panels occasionally. They are an environmental nightmare.

First of all, after 25 years of use, they become unrecyclable toxic waste.

That’s right, they stop working after 25 years or less. And what is left is a hunk of toxic metals embedded in glass that can not be recycled.

First of all, dear friends, what are we going to do with the millions and millions of solar panels after they stop working? There will literally be mountains of them.

Secondly, they are hazardous waste, highly toxic. Mountains of toxins.

Thirdly, the land on which they were placed is no longer suitable for agriculture. Or for people to live on. Toxins from the solar panels and the associated mechanical and electric equipment will have leached into the soil for 25 years.

Thus, when more farmland is needed to grow food, the massive areas covered by solar panels are not a candidate.

solar panels

And still, there is more information to crush the leftist Democrats’ climate lies. More for our arsenal in the fight for truth, to stop policies that will destroy the American economy and reduce Americans into poverty-driven socialism

If it is true that CO2 is a danger to the planet (which it isn’t), then consider this. Making a solar electric panel produces more CO2 than the panel will ever save.

And it’s also a sword of truth that solar electric panels are made in China. Made in factories using huge amounts of high heat in production. And these are powered by coal-fired electric generating plants.

Solar electric panels are basically created by fossil fuels. And as mentioned, their preparation produces more CO2 than they will ever save.

Plus, the Democratic Party leftists are sending billions of dollars to China who takes that money, and invests in new ways to take over the world.. Speak the truth about this, and we can win.

Now we are ready for the six little words to be put in the catapult and fired at the Green New Deal.

And let’s take the trendy topic of electric cars.

Even Elon Musk, who basically created the electric vehicle industry, has made it clear. When large numbers of cars move from petrochemical power to electric power, there will not be enough electricity available to power them.

And here is where the six little words come into force. They are a battering ram, and a sword in the fight against Green New Steal lies:

Solar Panels Don’t Work At Night

In fact, they don’t work when it’s snowing, raining, or cloudy either. The truth is that solar panels don’t work very much at all. But let’s focus on this idea. They do not work when it’s dark.

Generally, cars are driven mainly during the day. And electric cars are no different. However, there is an extra step with those admittedly cute electric vehicles: driven in the day, charged up at night.

Live in an apartment building? Can you imagine everyone trying to charge their cars during the evening? Hundreds of people from one building.

And the suburbs are in an even worse situation. The electric grid structure for a suburban street one block long can charge at most 5 cars at a time. But the demand will be for many times that number.

You guessed it, damage to the grid system will occur. Blackouts, here we come.

Let us shout it from the rooftops, solar panels are called “Solar” for a reason.

For that same reason, they also have another name, “Photovoltaic Panels.” “Photo” means light and is derived from photons of light from the sun.

With no solar input, no photons, the solar panels just sit there and don’t produce electricity. But isn’t that just when the electric car owners need the power?

Even worse, when there is some sun during the day, there are only two or three peak hours in which the sunlight provides optimal power. For some hours before and some hours after the strongest sunlight, the panels do not have optimal energy input from the sun for the rest of the day.

Even worse is that as the panels age, they lose the little efficiency they have when new from the Chinese factory.
And could there be still worse news about solar electric panels?

If you live in a state where it snows during the winter, you can expect the massive solar electric farms in your state to look like this:

solar panels

We are in a war and not just a battle of ideas. It’s a war against a false religion of Climate Change and Global Warming.

To win the war, destroying their false religion with irrefutable facts that everyone can recognize is true is part of the battle. Just remember these six little words:

Solar Panels Don’t Work At Night



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