Liberals have been screaming about conservatives not caring about women.  The truth is that we care about women, and their families also. The way conservatives really show they care is to help each other out. That’s the purpose of this post. To ask you to help out a true conservative and twitter follower of mine who is in very dire straits.   Sandy, aka @RightGlockMom, and her son, William who is about to receive major operation, and at the same time are about to lose their electric and their house.  They need help to get them through William’s recovery period. William wrote the below, explaining their situation which appears on their GoFundMe page.

Mom always says, “Find the Pony” – it’s to remind me to be more optimistic.
She said we’ll find our pony $5 at a time.    Can you help?

I’m William Rogal, a grateful, “chosen” kid.  
My mom says, “God put us together or a reason” and she’s right.  I’m a better person because we are together through adoption.  I can see the stress all of this is taking on her.  Please read our story.

What’s happening:
I am scheduled for another hip surgery on October 9th and will face a 6-week recovery; hooked up to a motion machine and ice water circulation pump for two weeks, semi-mobile for another four weeks.  I need her help, and she needs yours.

Who we are:
My mom, Sandy is very devoted.  Sometimes she’s too dedicated.   She’s stubborn, smart, and proud.  Sometimes she’s too proud.

Here’s our story and why we need some interim help: My mom dissolved her entire IRA over the years to pay for my education.  I have a few learning disabilities, which are now better addressed, but when they were not properly diagnosed, my mom kept me in small schools and it cost her everything. She retaught almost every lesson to me because in her words, “You’re a smart kid, you just learned differently.”

She never gave up on me even though at times my dad and the system did.
When I was still struggling in school, she sold her original art, her jewelry, and our piano to take me to DC for a brain scan.  It changed my life.

A lifelong reading comprehension issue – something my diagnosis and medications can’t fix  – is one of my disabilities.  I can read, but I don’t process it unless I hear it in audio format and when not available, mom is my reader.  I have ADD and anxiety – she helps keep me organized and has talked me off the edge in the middle of more than one panic attack.  She is helping me get through school and helping me get ready for life.

Since she sold her favorite things to get me that brain scan, I’ve been on the Dean’s List – quite the turnaround from barely passing.  I credit my mom’s determination – her teaching, her silly memorization games – for my continued success.

Placing the needs of others before her own:
She’s nursed me through 8 ankle fractures, a hip surgery two years ago, and hospitalization for removing a kidney stone we named “Fred.”  (Told ya’ she is silly)

I’m not the only one she’s taken care of.
My mom moved my grandpa in so he could die with dignity surrounded by family, took care of my grandmother during the day when she was going through chemo and later broke her hip and needed rehab.  She has always been there for others and won’t complain because no matter how bad it gets she says, “Remember, son, we are blessed.”  She even counted her blessings when she had to have a titanium plate in her neck due to degenerative disc disease and was partially paralyzed on one side.  That was only 3 years into our new life.

I’m not quite done needing my mom  – especially with my surgery next week.  Mom would like to take care of me (I’d like it too).  As I said, I’m going to be entirely dependent for 6 weeks.  She’s my nurse, my reader, my cook, and my driver.

A little history – what happened:

My parent’s divorce settlement dragged on for 13 years through 4 different courts – and you guessed it – the lawyers got most of the settlement as well as most of the back underpaid child support for 8 of those years.  It finally ended this year.  Dad promised to bankrupt her and did.  In addition to what I believe is the most protracted divorce in history, my mom had to fight a couple of bogus ex parte actions by my dad and his powerful legal team – one was a custody grab.  
We won, but it was at great expense – both financially and emotionally.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my dad, but he did not treat her fairly.  He has now stepped up to pay for my college and I’m very grateful.  But my mom is still my tutor, my inspiration, my moral compass, and I can’t let her down.

Every day she tells me, “Make me proud.”  Her favorite reminder when I get down is, “Forgive, forget, and live your best life.  Be humble, be honorable, and you will be blessed.”

We’re not feeling blessed right now, but I know some of you are terrific people.

She was going to finish college when the back child support was finally paid.  She had 3 years under her belt – 2.5 after they evaluated transfer credits.   The majority of that money went fast to her new lawyer (the first one retired) and paying off personal loans (be honorable).  She drives a 12-year-old car (be humble) and says she hopes to get another 10 years out of it.  Somehow, I think she will.

When we volunteer together at shelters and soup kitchens, I get the reminder of how blessed we are to have a home and our own beds.

But that’s about to change unless we get a little help.

She needs to get a meaningful job and finish her degree in Business Administration.  She was a successful industry and philanthropic leader before she adopted me, but it’s been more than a decade since she worked full time and now degrees are required.

In the meantime we need to keep the roof over our heads – can you help?  

Our immediate needs:

Our mortgage was due this week.  We have a shutoff notice from the electric company, and while not yet late, our gas bill is unpaid.
Our living expenses run about $3,000 per month (w/o unexpected repairs).

Our goal of $9,000 will go toward:

·      2 or 3 months mortgage, taxes, insurance ($1800/mo) during my recovery.

·      Utilities, car insurance, home association dues ($510/mo)

·      Food, fuel, and maintenance, my medication co-pay ($750/mo)

William added his Mom’s (Sandy, aka @RightGlockMom) story which you can read here. There is also a video version of their story.on the same page.

Please go to the GoFundMeand give whatever you can.

If you can’t contribute, please say a heartfelt prayer for them and please share their story and their GoFundMepage with others.