Putin’s blanket photos

Judging by how Vladimir Putin has conducted himself during this invasion of Ukraine, many observers are under the impression that the Russian leader has no plans to survive the conflict – whether that be politically or personally.

Putin has been giving nihilistic answers to some of the fundamental questions about the invasion. His Kremlin cronies repeat his talking points and figuratively stick their fingers into their ears when confronted by the international community.

Kremlin sources now claim that Putin may be dying of cancer, and a recent photo of the tyrant at Russia’s “Victory Day” parade has rumors swirling again.

VLADIMIR Putin sat watching his meagre military parade with a thick green blanket across his legs as rumors continue to swirl around his health.

The Russian president was one of the only attendees using the covering as he sat

amongst elderly World War 2 veterans while Russian celebrated Victory Day

Putin was seated wearing a buttoned-up black puffer jacket with a victory ribbon tied his chest as he watched soldiers and military vehicles roll by in Moscow’s famous Red Square.

But across his legs was a thick green blanket, which had been left for him on his seat when he first arrived at the viewing platform.

That is right around 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Photos of the ill-appearing leader were soon circulating online.

Putin is not only believed to be suffering from terminal bowel cancer, but there are persistent reports that the Russian President is also inflicted with Parkinson’s Disease.

There are other reports that he is suffering from thyroid cancer:

A new investigation shows that Vladimir Putin is ‘constantly’ accompanied by a doctor specializing in thyroid cancer.

Surgeon Yevgeny Selivanov of Moscow’s Central Clinical Hospital has flown to the Russian leader no less than 35 times in the Black Sea resort Sochi, his favorite place of residence.

Either way, a look at the Russian despot gives one the impression the Russian President has one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel.

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Putin’s blanket photos