The left-wing news media has dug its grave and Americans are throwing the last shovels full of dirt on that pit.

Poll after poll finds that the American public have no trust in the media.

And now there is another. Per Just the News:

The recently released Center Square Voters’ Voice poll found that 43% of Americans say the media is trustworthy, compared with 54% who said it is not trustworthy.

Younger people were more likely to trust the media, with 47% of those ages 18-34 saying they trust it and 46% saying the opposite.

The numbers steadily worsen as likely voters get older, with 41% of likely voters 65-years-old and older saying they trust the media, compared to 57% who do not.

The poll continued to give bad news to the media. Only 31 percent were confident that the media would cover all the candidates fairly. A huge 65 percent said they would not.

Also, only 36 percent said the media would give the public all the information they would need to make an informed decision.

It goes on and on like that.

No one trusts the media.

And they shouldn’t, either.

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