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I would like to see Nancy Pelosi on the Fox game show, Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader ? Of course for Pelosi they would have to change the name to Are You Smarter Than a Rock? because the self-proclaimed most powerful woman in the world just doesn’t have any common sense. Today Ms Pelosi Proclaimed:

“They like this war. They want this war to continue,” Pelosi, D- Calif., told reporters. She expressed frustration over Republicans’ ability to force majority Democrats to yield ground on taxes, spending, energy, war spending and other matters.

“We thought that they shared the view of so many people in our country that we needed a new direction in Iraq,” Pelosi said at her weekly news conference in the Capitol. “But the Republicans have made it very clear that this is not just George Bush’s war. This is the war of the Republicans in Congress.” Pelosi: Republicans ‘Like This War, They Want This War To Continue’

Nancy, you toad, wake up and smell the Rice-A-Roni. Maybe the Republicans keep getting their way because YOUR Democratic Congress only cares about embarrassing the President, all you know how to do is hold another hearing about someone in the administration, or pass another Anti-War resolution. Did you ever stop and think that maybe the problem is YOUR AGENDA?

Lets look at the latest polls Madame Powerful?
46 % percent of Americans said they are optimistic about the situation in Iraq
37% think the war was worth fighting
33% approve of the Job the President is doing
22% approve of the Job Congress is doing

Granted the numbers for all of the above are much lower than they should be, but Nancy, Sweetheart, when the operation you run is at the bottom of the pack, you shouldn’t talk about not listening to the will of the people, you should be working to find a solution to the peoples problems because obviously they “ain’t” enjoying what you are serving up either

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