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Obama says he’s confused about the motives of the Dallas Cop-killer There are times when one truly has to wonder about the intelligence of the man who currently holds the office of the presidency. As Twitchy noted, Barack Obama has had trouble figuring out motives in the past, and, it seems, he seems to have a problem grasping what has already been made painfully obvious.

During a press conference in Poland, Obama actually said it’s “very hard to untangle” the motives of the Dallas Cop-killer, even though he made those motives so plain that even Obama could understand them.

Here’s what CNN reported:

Let’s untangle this for the president, since the Dallas police chief and anyone with a first-grade education can figure it out…

That’s right, the suspect said he wanted to kill white people, especially white Cops.

But Obama apparently doesn’t understand that.

According to CNN:

Obama was speaking at the conclusion of a NATO summit, a meeting whose central themes were largely obscured both by the Dallas Cop shooting  and reaction to last month’s Brexit vote.

He said the motives of the killer in Dallas were “very hard to untangle” but called the shooter “demented” and downplayed the potential political motivations he may have carried. The shooter allegedly voiced a desire to “kill white people” ahead of the attack, authorities have said.

“I think the danger is that we somehow suggest that the act of a troubled individual speaks to some larger political statement across the country. It doesn’t,” Obama said.

Worse yet, CNN said that Obama used the time to continue pushing for more gun control.

The response was pretty much what you’d expect:


That sums it up.

God help us…

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