Guest post by Onan Coca 

It seems as though the terrorist threat to Brussels, Belgium is not over yet. In a story that has gone largely unreported upon by major media sources, there are terrifying new developments for the people of Europe to be worrying about.

Apparently on Thursday a guard from a nuclear power plant in Brussels, Belgium was found shot to death in his apartment. What is even more disconcerting is that the guard’s security credentials for the power plant had been taken by whoever murdered him.

The power plant at which he had worked is in the district of Charleroi, which just so happens to be the same area from which the Paris Terrorists had plotted their evil attack from.

Having this guard murdered so soon after the attack on Brussels’ airport and metro adds another wrinkle to the story as it clearly proves that Muslim terrorists are still actively plotting within the city.

The Belgian newspaper which broke this story on Saturday, Derniere Heure, noted

“that the murder of a nuclear plant guard raises particular concern ‘because nuclear power plants are among the potential targets of the terrorist[s]’ responsible for the attacks in Brussels Tuesday and in Paris last November.

Sources told Deriniere Heure that authorities involved in the investigation may have contributed to the delayed reporting, as they hoped to track any usage of the stolen security badge. The outlet reported that ‘following the attacks of 13 November 2015, the issue of security around our nuclear plants remains more relevant than ever … .’”

Whatever this means, it’s a stark reminder that the West faces near constant danger from the threat of radical Islam. For every possible attack thwarted, another handful of plots are still being planned. Our governments must remain vigilant and our policies towards Muslim migrants and refugees should be grounded in logic and reason, as opposed to the pie-in-the-sky fantasy world most liberals seem to live in. By focusing on the threat posed by the massive wave of Muslim migrants, our governments could also safeguard our civil liberties because we, the loyal citizens of the West, are not the threat. The violent and conniving radical Muslim is.

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