This is another example of what I discussed last week. Today we are dealing with generation who grew up receiving participation trophies because their parents believed the purpose of sports was to feel good about ones self, instead of kicking the butt of the other team. This generation elected leaders who believe it really possible to negotiate with terrorists, or lead from behind. And those adults raised children who cannot bear to hear an opinion that differs with theirs, who go to schools that teach political conformity instead of the art of debate, that provide safe spaces where students can escape differing opinions and bask in the warmth of group think.  In short we have become a nation of wussies, where seldom is heard a discouraging word because discouraging words may make people sad.

Guest Post by Joe Messina

The Left always talks a good game of equality but they have yet to prove it. NOT once!

Whether it has to do with equal pay for women working for the Democrat party (the audit of salaries in Nancy Pelosi’s office showed she pays her female staff 29% less than their male counterparts) or fighting against racism (as was evidenced in the many emails released from the DNC dealing with the “Taco Bowl Voters”) or even religious rights (also evidenced by the DNC email leak planning to use the fact that Bernie Sanders might be an atheist against him in the south). These facts and many more show just how the Left deals with social justice.
In a fight for equality, Left-fallen (I would say leaning but they have already fallen over) social justice warriors (SJW’s) at the University of Kansas started screaming obscenities at white students who didn’t feel the need for safe spaces. Imagine that! The self-proclaimed warriors of civility and equality respond to what was supposed to be an open conversation by shouting them down, using foul language, and screaming in the faces of students with a different viewpoint!

But that’s conservatives’ faults. We let YOU get away with it. We continually back down because we don’t want to be seen as “combative” or “not caring” or “racist” or any other phrase or term the Left has hijacked and made their own tool used to brow beat and bully the Right!

The University recently held an event where they asked for and got people to discuss both sides of the safe space and trigger warning topics. The event was put on by the Young Americas Foundation and was called “Stand with me.” It was organized in response to a video posted by transgender student Micha Cox. Micha had also written a poem about being harassed and berated on campus (remember those words).

The group anticipated protests. After all, why would we want to have open conversation about anything the Left feels uncomfortable about? Just askin’!

Part of the event included a 30 minute video with commentary about “trigger warnings” and “safe spaces.” At the 15 minute mark, Ben Shapiro, labeled a “conservative provocateur” by the Loons, made the statement, “facts don’t care about your feelings.” That’s a very true and real statement. A statement of fact and of science! Right?

You see, if you feel bad that you have the lowest GPA in class… TOO BAD! The fact, based on a mathematic calculation, is that you have the lowest GPA in the class. You can curl up in a ball and cry until your Mommy and Daddy come rescue you, but when you get in the real world and underperform at work there will be no safe space or trigger warning when you’re handed your final paycheck!

Instead of using it as a learning moment, working harder, and studying more you go after the teacher for her “unfair grading practices” that go against people who are __________ (fill this in with whatever tickles your social justice warrior fancy.)

That’s exactly what the SJW’s are taught by the Left and Mommy and Daddy. Instead of having a conversation about what Shapiro said and why he might have said it, they attack. There are no “trigger warnings” or “safe spaces” for the other side. Just a full, frontal, uncalled for assault.

You see, the Left believes they can get the other side to back down by doing what they do best… they throw accusations of “institutional racism,” “spreading hate,” or “benefiting from slavery” (to name a few).

Why should the Right back down? When one member of the YAF decided to leave after seeing the conversation was going nowhere, they were accused of having “white fragility.” REALLY?! They are whacked!

It’s like the old joke where a guy catches the bartender staring at his wife. He walks over to the bar and says, “Barkeep, are you looking at my wife?” The barkeep replies, “No, I’m not.” The man then replies, “What’s wrong? She’s not good enough for you?” He doesn’t want to find out what’s up. He just wants a fight!

That’s what the SJW’s want. They aren’t interested in a conversation. They want to intimidate you and shout you down. DON’T LET THEM!

Bear in mind, the YAF’s were pushing (not yelling) for more information and the SJW’s were yelling in their faces! One SJW said they were going to tear this “MF” school down if her demands were not met and that she would continue the violence on a daily basis if she didn’t see her demands being addressed. No violence there, right? Just open and honest LUNACY going on!

When the term “hey you guys” is used to try to get the crowd’s attention and calm the situation down, the SWJ’s have a flare up “don’t call us that it’s a microaggression!” When one SJW was asked why they were leaving said, “I am not retreating! I’m making myself safe and comfortable.” Mind you, they were crying, screaming, and pounding the table. We used to call these temper tantrums. I guess that changed too! The SJW continued by saying, “If I want this space, I can have this space! It’s my right to have this space!” Well, it’s really not creampuff. You see, it’s everyone’s space and everyone has a right to it. It’s a public school, so it belongs to the “public,” not just to you and your social justice loons (SJL’s).

This is the result of years teaching these kids that they are the only thing that matters. That the world revolves around them. And that if it makes them feel bad Mommy and Daddy will remove it! Great job getting your kids ready for the real world.

Thanks Dr. Spock (not of Star Trek fame)! The damage you did to this generation by teaching their parents some of the most ludicrous parenting techniques EVER and the damage we see today can be blamed on you. Spock taught against self-denial and respect for authority. Spock discouraged guiding and directing children. He pushed parents to be sensitive to a child’s feelings and cater to their preferences. Children shouldn’t be pushed to eat the food mom made or perform daily chores. Dr. Spock’s approach, encouraged parents to promote self-indulgence instead of practicing self-control. The home became a child’s “safe space” because everything was child-centered. Children were encouraged to explore everything and in every way they saw fit. “Freedom of expression” led to children being more outspoken and demanding rights. (We are talking about children here, 5-6-7-8 year olds!) This taught them that self-gratification was a right!

You could say he was the father of the “Snowflake” generation and the creator of safe spaces and trigger warnings.

America keep the village away from your kids. Raise good solid citizens, not social monsters!

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