The anti-American Democrats who are currently running New York City into the ground now wamt the state supreme court to allow more than 800,000 illegals to vote in city-wide elections.

It’s just another example of the Democrats working to undermine this country and tear down our society and government.

This particular saga started back in 2021 when self-professed socialist New York Mayor Bill de Blasio signed a city law that allowed illegals to vote.

The law was immediately sent to the courts and has been knocking around ever since. And last month an appellate court struck the law down.

Now, New York Mayor Eric Adams wants the state’s highest court to reverse the ban on the law and let people who do not belong here to vote people into office who will ignore citizens and cater to criminal aliens.

Adams and his far, far left city council members say that illegals should be allowed to vote because they “pay taxes” in the city.

Per Breitbart News:

The ordinance was set to massively influence local elections while diluting the votes of American citizens living in the city. In 2021, for instance, Mayor Eric Adams (D) won the Democrat mayoral primary by less than 7,200 votes. Former councilman Rev. Ruben Diaz (D-Bronx) said that the ordinance would dilute the votes of citizens while shifting electoral power to foreign nationals with ties to the United Nations, Wall Street, and the global financial system which has long been based in New York City.

Illegals do not deserve to vote.


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