Elon Musk recently jumped to his X account to let Americans know the outrageous reason that the Democrat Party wants to many illegals to flood the country… it’s because it gives Democrats political power.

Republicans have been saying for years that the reason the Democrats want an open border is because they want as many illegals here as possible so that they can later change the laws and allow illegals to vote. Democrats expect that the illegals will mostly vote for Democrats, because democrats give them free stuff.

And they are probably right.

But you might say, illegals still can’t vote, so that plan is not working, at least not yet.

Musk, though, warns Americans that illegals don’t have to vote to give Democrats more political power. And they already are doing just that.

On March 7, Musk posted the following:

Most Americans are still unaware that the census counts ALL people, including illegal immigrants, for deciding how many House seats each state gets!

This results in Dem states getting roughly 20 more House seats, which is another strong incentive for them not to deport illegals

This is a sad, but important fact.

This is the biggest reason why Democrat-infested states are always proclaiming themselves “sanctuary states.”

The more people they have inside their borders — whether they are legal citizens or not — the more numbers that count up to apportion the number of representatives that state will have in Congress.

It is a thoroughly un-American plan, of course.

But illegals are already giving Democrats more power. And it should end.

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