Fewer people believe that the mainstream media is telling the truth and working to inform the people every year, but this poll is the worst yet.

A new Gallup Poll (and remember, Gallup is a left-leaning pollster) found that fewer people than ever have any trust in the mainstream media in the U.S.A., the Associated Press reported.

As well as asking the typical “do you trust the media” question, this Gallup and Knight Foundation poll also asked more directly. The poll asked respondents whether they agreed or disagreed with the premise that news organizations do not intend to mislead their readers/viewers. A whopping 50 percent said they feel that the media intends to mislead Americans. Only 25 percent said that they felt the media works to present the truth.

That is stunning. Half the participants said that members of the media fully intend to lie!

That isn’t the only bad news in this poll. When asked if the news media “care about the best interests of their readers, viewers, and listeners,” even higher 52 percent said that the media does not care about the best interests of Americans. A mere 23 percent said the media does care about what we need to know to live an informed life in our civil society.

55% of Americans feel there is a great deal of political bias in the national news media’s reporting, which is up from 45 percent reported in 2017.

“That was pretty striking for us,” Gallup’s Sarah Fioroni said. “The findings showed a depth of distrust and bad feeling that go beyond the foundations and processes of journalism,” she added.

Striking Sarah? Have you had your head in the sand for the past six years? Perhaps what is striking is that Gallup and the Knight Foundation could be surprised by these findings. It must be a packed sand dune. The news media is outed as partisan liars nearly every single day. How could Gallup be surprised that people think the national media is a biased, crooked shill for the Democrat Party and the extreme left-wing?

As Lieutenant Joe Kenda, TV star and retired homicide detective for the city of Colorado Springs, Colorado, would say,

“Well, My, My, My.”

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