by Conor Coughlin

Recently Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm and the Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) were making news with a secret plan to ban natural-gas stoves in America, which has been a critical component in a Clean Energy economic agenda that has utilized a form of Natural Capitalism as its business model for decades Natural Capitalism is the name of the book that was published by Amory & Hunter Lovins in 1999, the founders of the far-left leaning RMI that helped to craft the framework for the business strategy employed by the UN, Pentagon and the WEF. Orwellian double-speak is the primary language spoken by the globalist practitioners of Natural Capitalist. These have generated fabulous wealth from marketing EPA products and services, which somehow leave no financial footprint for the billions of dollars in commerce. Citizens aren’t allowed to question the business partnerships Natural Capitalists formed because it’s none of your business. The government’s business, or more precisely, the business of Off-Budget-Enterprises like the Poised For Profit Partnership, benefitting from a significant change in Dept. Of Energy (DOE) energy policies. Media had to censor that change in DOE policy to keep the public in the dark about a $200+ billion annual marketplace for the sales, installation, and maintenance of energy efficiency technology by qualified electrical professionals.

If it’s not ENERGY STAR, it’s not energy efficient.

The EPA’s brand of premium-priced products was always part of Market Transformation policies that have been used to manipulate multi-trillion dollar energy markets. Monopoly control over electrical markets was the goal, and the EPA brand of “certified” products was the key to prosperity for the crew of green entrepreneurs at the Energy Foundation. EPA’s brand was selected as the sole source of government energy efficiency in the UN Paris Climate Deal. It was once a significant part of Obama’s Clean Power Plan that went before the US Supreme Court in 2016. It was removed in a classic Bait & Switch tactic that also disappeared all evidence of those massive research programs from a decade earlier. You weren’t supposed to know or care why energy policies must be kept secret.

I was a technology vendor in Spokane for the 6th Annual Harvesting Clean Energy Conference by Climate Solutions, with former CIA Director James Woolsey providing the keynote speech on “Harvesting Clean Energy, National Security, and the Path to Energy Independence.” I’m unsure why the former Clinton-era Spy Boss thought Harvesting Clean Energy was the Path to Energy Independence. Still, it had nothing to do with the original objective of the Harvesting Clean Energy program. My company was invited to participate in some of the research programs conducted in the Pacific NW. However, that was back when DOE policy focused on reducing electrical demand in America’s Industrial Sector, the world’s largest electricity consumer. Those government-run initiatives were offering to have the energy experts at Washington State University evaluate our product line, and the most innovative and cost-effective technologies would receive assistance in overcoming the Barriers that had been put in place by bureaucrats and utility bosses. That never happened because those non-profit groups, university experts, and utilities joined the Prosperity Partnership of Washington State that created a Regional Economic Agenda to create jobs by exporting their cutting-edge technology to their global partners practicing Natural Capitalism. Then had their pals in the media bury all news about their lucrative business ventures open only to their cronies. Who managed to remove all evidence of those phony research programs and several other major Public Integrity Frauds conducted under the color of authority with protection provided by the Deep State.

If there is any doubt about the magnitude of those corrupt enterprises, simply consider the Bait & Switch scheme pulled on SCOTUS with Obama’s Clean Power Plan. The EPA’s original plan had four separate Building Blocks, representing the “best system of emission reduction.” The 4th Building Block, which pertained to “end-use” electrical energy efficiency in the Industrial Sector, was removed without explanation to ensure that the public would never hear about that $200+ billion annual marketplace for energy efficiency technology sales, installation, and maintenance. What occurred instead involved a form of “Regulatory Capture” by utility bosses that turned the EPA product line into the most lucrative investment opportunity in history. The EPA hadn’t invented anything, but their government partners simply deemed that their ENERGY STAR product line saved 25% to 50% more electricity than similar products. That is a lie. One that had a trillion good reasons to pretend that the Green New Deal would be a good investment, but only for the Natural Capitalists at the UN, WEF, and Communist China.


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