Matthew DeSavio, 33, was arrested after allegedly threatening to carry out “the Mandalay Bay massacre part duex.” He posted threats against the Vegas Golden Knights just before their Stanley Cup victory on Wednesday by posting: “I’m coming for you guys tonight, and I hope you get every ****ing police officer in Vegas Golden Knights there to defend you!” He didn’t just post those threats. He made them in person as well. Turns out police knew him from a similar situation last year – but because the State of Nevada couldn’t get their act together then, a judge released him from custody.

DeSavio reportedly appeared at a business before the Vegas Golden Knights won and began making threats. The store called police, who took him into custody. He is charged with “stalking, making a false threat regarding an act of terrorism, aggravated stalking, and violating a temporary protection order for the threats made Tuesday.” Police were already familiar with him from an arrest made last year.

On Oct. 26, 2022, a person reported a “disturbing Facebook post” to police where DeSavio reportedly threatened a similar mass shooting, police said.

“Something big is about to hit the Vegas Strip. #October1stwasjustapreview! Let’s [expletive] [expletive] up before I literally #blowup Paradise NV,” the Facebook post reportedly said, according to police. The Las Vegas Strip is in the unincorporated community of Paradise, Nevada.

Officers later contacted DeSavio, who agreed to meet them at a fast-food restaurant on Blue Diamond Road near Durango Drive, police said. While speaking to DeSavio, police said the man “stated he wanted to drive his vehicle into the Mandalay Bay.”

Records show a judge ordered DeSavio to undergo a competency evaluation in November 2022. DeSavio awaited treatment for 78 days, which his public defender said violated his due process rights. (8NewsNow)

Since the state of Nevada failed to transport DeSavio to a facility promptly, the judge released him from custody in April 2023. This incident underscores the need for proper mental health care. This could have escalated into a mass killing scenario by someone who is obviously mentally challenged. It is unknown at this point whether DeSavio possesses any firearms, and Nevada has a “Red Flag” Statute.

Hopefully, he will be sent to any evaluation promptly this time so that he won’t be back on the street to make more threats or even carry them out.

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