Democrats care more about illegals than they do citizens. If you need some sort of proof of that, take a look at the long, long, long list of freebies that Boston and Massachusetts Democrats give to illegals.

The list was assembled by Howie Carr and it will infuriate you.


Free hotel rooms at $150+ a day.

Three meals a day at $64 per person per diem.

Free on-site medical & dental services (including condoms).

Special diet for Ramadan.

Free same-day dry cleaning w/free pick up & delivery.

Free housekeeping twice a week.

Free cell phones, chargers/charging ports.

Free tablets, IPads.

Free clothing, new & used.

Everyone got new free winter coat, gloves and shoes.

Free toiletries (tooth paste, deodorant, special “ethnic” shampoos, skin cream, aspirin, tooth brushes, feminine products).

Then there is the mountain of free stuff given to illegals for their small children, including diapers, food, education, toys, books, baby furniture… and on and on it goes.


Free tax preparation at $350 per family. Even though next to none work, all will get big returns via “child tax credit.”

Free work-permit attorney.

Free asylum attorney.

Free MassHealth (Medicaid) coverage.

Free vaccination clinics.

Free WIC (Women, infants, children) cards, $400-800 a month on top of 3 free meals a day.

Free DTA (Dept. of Transitional Assistance) welfare checks… “family” of 4 pockets $2880 a month.

Free Uber/Lyft to schools, grocery stores, doctors’ appts., hospital, job interviews, entertainment.

Free public transportation, but nobody takes a bus when they can get a free Uber.

Free transportation to church, via either Uber or church provided.

Holiday parties.

Movie nights in hotel.

Free postage stamps, envelopes.

Free Notary service.

Free English as a Second Language (ESL) classes.

24/7 security.

School choice transportation via Uber or buses, big $$$, plus overwhelmed local school systems.

Flood of 911 calls, first responders overwhelmed answering domestic disturbances, drugs, alcohol and general entitled Third World nonsense calls…

This is all just the start. Carr has more and more freebies at his post.

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