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There much happening this week, Secretary of State Pompeo told Iran to stick its nuke program up its ayatollah, Obama spied on the Trump campaign (and Clapper said it was to protect him). Former CIA director and perjurer John Brennan was described as having the operational skills of an earthworm by a former colleague. The Democrats new slogan is “drain the swamp” and the Trump meeting with rocket boy may be off, or on, or off, and through it all, the Mainstream Media is having a cow (when they aren’t lying about the President or Israel). And don’t forget that the president is being accused of taking an unconstitutional action by exercising his Constitutional responsibility.

There is just one person who can help us sort through it all;  Kenneth McClenton the Exceptional Conservative.  Ken and I will discuss the latest in stupid liberal tricks other big political news with Ken’s usual great insight and some well-deserved snark.

Not only is Ken a great conservative pundit, providing insight into the day’s news but also..well…let’s just say when Ken and I get together, along with the political insight but also things tend to get funny. You see, Ken is my brother from a darker mother.

So so join in on the news and the fun— tune into the Lid Radio Show at 2pm Eastern by clicking on these SHR Media or High Plains Talk Radio links (or by using the player and chatroom embedded below).

Ken McClenton’s official bio says he’s an Urban Conservative whose mission is to spread the good news of Christianity, conservatism, capitalism, and constitutionalism throughout the world.  Devoted to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, he believes that to save the United States, we must mutually pledge our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor to save urban America. That is true, but there’s more.

Ken is the host of the incredibly successful “The Exceptional Conservative Show” seen on TECN.TV Monday-Friday 9pm to 11pm Eastern.

You can listen to Ken’s show at the links above or at his website The Exceptional Conservative where you can also learn about the other radio shows on TECN (the Exceptional Conservative Network). Ken can be followed on Facebook by clicking here, and on twitter This week Ken is doing a great series on capitalism and what it means for freedom. I listened to last night’s episode, and it was great.

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