Joe Scarborough’s lie of the day for Wednesday,  was that unlike Trump, “Everybody saw this [Covid-19] coming in early January.” It can’t be everybody, because Scarborough didn’t see it coming. And when people pointed out that he wasn’t being truthful, Morning Joe whined about being attacked. Joe Scarborough lies

It started with Morning Joe’s program, which I understand is still on TV.

Tom Elliot went on to point out that people who live in liberal networks shouldn’t throw stones

Glenn Greenwald tracked Joe’s Twitter:

All these facts made Morning Joe sad, so he whined about being attacked:

No, Joe, please pull your brain out of your buttocks and listen. You aren’t being attacked because you didn’t tweet about the Chinavirus in January, you are being attacked because you said everybody knew…but you didn’t know. Therefore either you are a nobody, or you are lying because you have a bad case of Trump derangement syndrome (or both).

Hey Joe, you can blame China:

Gee, remember when Joe Scarborough was a conservative Republican?  Joe Scarborough has really changed since he started sleeping with his very liberal married co-host, who he eventually married.  Back then, I would watch his show every morning. That was before Morning Joe became totally unwatchable, and Scarborough joined the rest of his network in feeding viewers lies and ad hominin attacks against President Trump and everything Republican.

Poor Joe, his TV show has lost its gravitas because it is so biased, hate-filled and laden with Joe Scarborough lies. Possibly because he is such a negative anti-Trumper, Morning Joe never got that radio show he bragged he was getting. And he can’t even be called, “Joe the schmo” because former VP Biden already owns that title.

I wonder if Scarborough believes his own lies. Perhaps he is lying just to make sure his very liberal new wife doesn’t make him sleep on the couch, or break his guitar.  If she broke the guitar, Mika would be doing a giant favor for anyone in America who wasn’t deaf.