Joe Biden is doing one thing that is helping Republicans. He is causing millions of citizens in blue counties to move away to get away from the mess Democrats are making in their areas.

This helps Republicans because it takes representation away from the blue counties and adds those numbers to red areas.

According to Issues & Insights, the ten counties that lost the most all voted for Joe Biden.

And then…

At the other end of the spectrum, all 10 counties that saw the biggest negative net migration also have one thing in common – they all voted for Biden in 2020. That includes two blue counties located in red states – Miami-Dade County, Florida, (where Biden beat Trump 53%-46%), and Dallas County, Texas, (where Biden got 65% of the vote).

That is just a good example to juxtapose the issue.

But as I&I added, all liberal counties are bleeding citizens.

The site added:

  • Of the 555 counties that voted for Biden, 343 (or 62%) lost population since 2020. Of the 2,589 counties that voted for Trump, 1,726 (or 67%) gained population.
  • The 11 counties that had the biggest population declines over the past three years all voted for Biden. They lost a net total of 2 million people.
  • Of the 11 counties with the biggest gains in population, eight voted for Trump in 2020. And the other three (Maricopa County in Arizona, and Williamson and Fort Bend counties in Texas) come with big asterisks.

This is all good news. This all helps Republicans.

Not that the Democrats planned that.

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