In the 2000 election Al Gore was only a few hanging chads away from becoming President of the United States. The nation was embroiled in recount purgatory for over a month. But after the Supreme Court ruled and Gore conceded, Democrats denied the truth and to this some still say that Gore beat Bush.  Three days before the 2016 RNC those “never Trump” people are acting just like those Gore Democrats, refusing to acknowledge that they fought hard, but lost.

After the United States Supreme Court ruled in favor of George Bush in Bush v. Gore (regarding what kind of recount should be conducted in Florida), Dubya officially won Florida’s electoral votes, by the slimmest margin of 537 votes out of almost 6 million cast. Florida put Bush over the top, giving him enough electoral votes to become president. The ironic part is after the recount efforts were over, most major studies revealed that if Gore had won and the recount was done his way, the outcome of the election would have been exactly the same.

Democrats, however went crazy, some went into mourning, some blamed Ralph Nader who was a third party candidate, some blamed the Supreme Court saying the justices simply wanted Bush to be president. A close friend of mine, a liberal, never spoke to me again after the Bush v. Gore decision was made. This wasn’t politics, this was personal. Many liberals still don’t recognize Bush as the legitimate POTUS.

On Thursday night after the “never Trump” movement lost their fight in the convention rules committee. They wanted to unbind the delegates allowing them to vote for who they wanted rather than who they were elected to support.

After the results became public, the tone and the comments from the “never Trump” people were similar to those Democrats who have worn mourning black ever since Bush v. Gore;” the committee was rigged,” “the GOP doesn’t believe in giving people choice,” “we are going to take it to the floor.”

Allow me to suggest, “HORSE SH*T!” 

Did the Trump delegates have a majority on the rules committee? Of course! Trump won 62% or 1,543 delegates, he probably has around 60% of the members of most committees.  That’s not rigged, that’s simple math.

The argument that the GOP doesn’t believe in allowing people to vote their conscience is also a load of putrid poppycock, being eaten by visiting horseflies.

Cleveland is not big enough to house a convention for all 31.2 million Republicans who voted in the primaries, therefore delegates were chosen. Each of those delegates promised to support a particular candidate (admittedly some were uncommitted).  For most people, if they break a promise, their conscience starts bothering them. So let’s face it, if the “never Trumpers” want to vote their conscience they would be keeping to the promise they made to the voters.

Oh and for those former candidates who signed the paper to support the eventual candidate, many of whom I supported, you guys made a promise also….keep it. An extra-special “‘F’ YOU and the Horse You Rode in on” goes to holier than though to Gov. Kasich. He is not only breaking the promise he made when he signed that agreement with the party,  but as the governor of Ohio he is supposed to be hosting the convention. Hey Governor you earned 161 total delegates that’s 6% of the total the people didn’t want you.  Time to fall in line and keep your promise. And by the way, learn how to eat pizza, no knife and fork.


Sadly many of the “never Trumpers” on twitter are my friends.  They’re compatriots in battle who I fought alongside with until Donald Trump reached the magic “1,237” number and he was guaranteed the election.

I’ve known some of the “never Trumpers” for years. Others I met just a few months ago. There are those for who I went out of my way to protect when they were being wrongly attacked by the Trump campaign or even worse, the crazy Trumpsters. I just pray that y’all don’t take my stance personally (I promise not to take yours personally either).  While I disagree with your stance on the 2016 race, I still consider you friends and I will always have your backs and I hope you will do the same.

This has been a most strange campaign season. From the beginning I supported Cruz and/or Rubio (it changed by the hour). I even told people if it ended up Kasich I wouldn’t freak. But the Republican voters spoke and Trump won.

Next week Donald Trump will be officially crowned as the Republican nominee.

Therefore, the general election has come down to Trump vs. Clinton. If the decision was a close one I don’t think I could ever vote for Hillary Clinton.  But thankfully it isn’t close. Even when looking at their negatives Trump is better than Clinton. I’ll admit sometimes Donald Trump says insensitive things, on the other hand sometimes Hillary Clinton does illegal things, her email screw-up may have compromised national secrets and possibly put the entire country in danger.

IMHO it’s all about the freedom. Hillary Clinton will continue to nourish and even expand Obama’s assault on our inalienable rights and personal freedoms. She will appoint up to four Supreme Court justices who will make those freedom grabs permanent. On the other hand, as businessman, Trump understands more than most, what happens when the government intrudes on our lives. He’s had to government regulation in so many different ways. Additionally, he’s already published a list of the Judges he would appoint, and they are all constitutionalists.

Along with that he will be a superior president than Hillary Clinton, just imagine extra joy Trump will bring to the people of America if these fourteen people keep their promise to leave the country if Trump gets elected. Do you really want to blow the chance for the United States to wave goodbye to these fourteen people, including Cher, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and Al Sharpton?

  • Rosie O’Donnell: Canada
  • Cher: Jupiter
  • Eddie Griffin: Africa
  • Barry Diller: no destination specified
  • Samuel L. Jackson: South Africa
  • Jon Stewart: another planet
  • Omari Hardwick: Italy
  • Neve Campbell: Canada
  • Ruth Bader Ginsburg: New Zealand
  • Miley Cyrus: no destination specified
  • Lena Dunham: Vancouver, Canada
  • George Lopez: Mexico
  • Raven-Symone: Canada
  • Al Sharpton: no destination specified but trust me, it won’t be Israel.

Come on people face it, the “never Trump” movement is dead, extinct, pushing up daisies, kicked the bucket, bought the farm, assumed room temperature, kissed its arse goodbye, etc. Like the famous Monty Python dead parrot sketch (below) it is an EX-movement. The only thing it has to do is fall over.

The “never Trump” folks may be preparing for a floor fight but it will be nothing more than an annoyance because they don’t have anything close to the votes. The remaining question is will they continue to fight and lose, ending up in a state of mourning like the Democrats did in 2000, or will they finally wake up from the haze and realize that if they don’t support Trump Hillary Clinton will be president.

And my friends, that will result in a loss of personal freedom, which is a fate worse than death.