The investor who successfully predicted the 2008 housing crash is now telling us which three states are the safest to help investors avoid the coming 2024 crash. And they all three have something particular in common.

Investor Kyle Bass knew that the housing market was about to explode in 2007 and moved his investments to where it was safe. He ended up making a mint, too. Now he is warning that another crash is on the way.

“You have to move real companies where there’s affordability, where there’s expansive activity, where there are natural resources to accommodate those movements,” he noted according to the New York Post.

Bass used this policy to save his investments in 2008. And he has advice for the next crash.

The investor is saying that people need to get their money out of places like the West Coast and the Northeast. Those regions, he says, are “very high cost, very high tax, one could say mismanaged jurisdictions.”

Instead, people should move their money to “pro-business, lower cost, lower or no tax jurisdictions,” like Texas, Florida, and Tennessee.

He also noted that another important thing is take into consideration how and where people and businesses are moving in their response to the economic forces buffeting them.

Bass added that Florida Tennessee, and Texas have all been growth oriented. And that is where investing goes.

On the other hand, both citizens and businesses are leaving California, New York, Boston, and the like in droves.

Now, notice what we have here, won’t you?

You guessed it. It is disastrous blue state policies compared the the great success of red state policies.

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