The self-professed “progressive” mayor of deep blue Chicago is blaming Republicans for the defeat of his attack on “the rich,” even though Chicago doesn’t really have any Republicans.

Last Tuesday, during Illinois’ primary Election Day, Mayor Brandon Johnson lost in his effort to cajole the voters into passing his “transfer tax” of “rich” homeowners.

Johnson tried to sell this tax as a way to “help the homeless.” The idea was that he would place a confiscatory tax on people who sell a house for more than a million dollars. But he also tried to ramp up the class envy by cutting the current transfer tax on people who sell a home for less than one million.

He claimed all this “new money” was going to fund programs for “the homeless.”

It probably never would have, naturally. But it does not matter. The ballot measure failed by a healthy margin.

So, whose fault is it? Amusingly enough, Mayor Johnson thinks it is the fault of all those Republicans who don’t exist in the Windy City.

“There were 38,000 Republicans that showed up and voted for Donald Trump… in Chicago,” Johnson said. “If we’re trying to draw some conclusions, and you want some other analytics, you might want to discover that there’s a good chance that played a part in this referendum.”

Come on. What a joke.

Even if all four Republicans who live in Chicago, their participation on Election Day is utterly meaningless.

Republicans haven’t had any power in Chicago since the 1930s.

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