Illegals from Venezuela tried to plant the Venezuelan flag on an island near Eagle Pass, Texas according to the Gateway Pundit. The Texas DPS Marine Division immediately tore it down, but the Biden administration nearly just as quickly issued 470,000 work permits for the illegal Venezuelans. The action also gave them “TPS- Temporary Protected Status” so that they cannot be deported. At least 7,000 of them, primarily young men of “fighting age,” entered the US over 72 hours this last week.

Think about it: Venezuela migrants tried to ‘plant’ their national flag on US soil. There is only one explanation: it’s an invasion. And it’s Joe Biden’s fault. It is highly concerning that so many men of military age are coming here from not just Venezuela, but China, and other foreign countries. The real question is, why are they here? What’s the plan?


Not all of these people are eligible for “asylum.” Keep that in mind as you read up on the situation – and read upon it you should. The fact is that a very small percentage of any of these illegals from any country actually meet the criteria.

Asylum Criteria:

  • Be physically in the U.S. or at a port of entry.
  • Have arrived in the U.S. less than one year ago, unless you qualify for an exception.
  • Have not already resettled in another country.
  • Have not committed certain crimes or pose a threat to U.S. safety or security.
  • Show that you were persecuted or have a fear of persecution in your home country due to your race, religion, nationality, social group, or political opinion [This is the situation that most of them cannot claim].
  • Apply through one of the three ways: the affirmative process, the asylum merits interview, or the defensive process.

On top of that at least 23 states have enacted “automatic” voter registration, which will likely cloud the upcoming 2024 election with numerous people who are not actually eligible to vote.

The Democrat Mayor of Eagle Pass issued an emergency declaration. The migrant centers are all overflowing, and the Biden administration continues to declare the border is ‘closed.’  The influx continues unabated with no end in sight. But it’s all those military-aged men from hostile countries like Venezuela crossing illegally into the United States that gives us pause.


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