Liberals like to dispute claims that some of the Illegal Immigrants sneak into the United States are bringing serious illnesses with them.  The border patrol announced that an illegal alien brought flesh-eating bacteria into the country when he snuck across the border, but he is a small part of the problem.

The illegal alien was being housed at a facility in Lordsburg, New Mexico and told an agent that he had a growing rash on his leg When doctors were called and found that the man was suffering from the dangerous infection and was sent to the hospital.

Flesh-eating bacteria’s medical name is necrotizing fasciitis, per the CDC it spreads quickly and can be fatal. The bacteria usually gets into the body through a minor cut or scrape and can cause a serious infection that can destroy muscle, skin and other tissue.

That is far from the only health problem seen by border officials.

As reported by KFOX in El Paso Texas:

“We’re seeing for example, chicken pox, different strands of influenza, syphilis, scabies. This is something that we see with the illegal aliens and we have to provide treatment for them,” said Carlos Antúnez with U.S. Customs and Border Protections.

The border patrol (USBP) says they’ve had to transport 2,224 subjects (5.3% of all southwest border arrests for the same period) to local hospitals since December 22, 2018.

USBP has spent a total of 19,299 hours providing various levels of support to these hospital visits. This includes transportation to and from, and over watch for each person/family at the hospital. This means there are less agents performing border security duties.

On January 15, 2019, USBP arrested a group of 247 illegal aliens, of which 50 individuals required immediate treatment/evaluation from a medical professional at a hospital. Transporting 50 individuals to the hospital utilized nearly all available agents, severely limiting their ability to process the large group or respond to other border security duties; thus resulting in increased time in custody, delaying custody transfer coordination, and inhibiting response to other illegal cross-border traffic.

The liberals also claim that illegals don’t smuggle drugs when they cross the border. They only smuggle drugs when crossing the approved border crossing.  They’re wrong. From the same USBP report:

Smugglers and traffickers then use these large groups as “cover” while USBP resources are utilized to arrest and detention-related duties associated with the large groups.

  • On January 16, 2018, USBP apprehended a group of 253 illegal aliens and in a separate event seized approximately 265 lbs of Marijuana.
  • On January 17, 2018, USBP agents seized 705 lbs of Cocaine. On the same day, USBP agents apprehended a large group of 174.
  • On January 18, 2018, USBP apprehended a group of 116 and in a separate event seized approximately 1,087 lbs of Marijuana.

This is all more proof that we need to build a wall…NOW!

H/T Godfather Politics


illegal immigrants

illegal immigrants

illegal immigrants