At the urging of Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., Biden, during an off-script moment in his State of the Union address on Thursday, decried Riley’s killing by “an illegal, his second mistake Joe Biden made during  SOTU was describing an illegal immigrant as an illegal immigrant. The president used the term to describe Jose Antonio Ibarra, the Venezuela who brutally murdered Laken Riley   (Biden thinks her first name is really Lincoln).

Well, the woke Democrats and woke Americans of different political faith went bull sh*t. They could “t believe their elected would call another human–> Illegal.  All I can say is tough tootsies. Back then, before women were called birthing persons or moving into a neighborhood filled with people of another race, they were examples of culture. One of America’s most famous and respected universities, Stanford University, is trying to get its entire student body to use those imbecilic woke phrases instead of English. The school is suggesting using its “Elimination of Harmful Language Initiative.

\Here are some examples from The Lld

  •  The ableist section, the index urges people to use “accessible parking” instead of “handicap parking,””
  • Died by suicide” instead of “committed suicide
  • Anonymous review” instead of “blind review.” It also says
  • People should use “unenlightened” as a replacement for “tone deaf”
  • Person with a substance abuse disorder” as a replacement for “addict.”
  • There are no more Karens: they are to be called; “demanding or entitled White women.”
  • Carjackers are now  drivers without Papers
  • Have you ever called a spade a spade? Try to avoid that phrase when speaking to an African American, and for you astronomy geeks, never use the phrase: Black Hole near an African American woman.
    Someone who sneaks into the U.S. and kills or severely injures an American Will be forever known as a Pu*tz. All his prison clothes will have the words I AM A PUTZ on every piece of prison Clothes they are issued.                                                   

There are many more, but if I added more, it would be too long, Like beating a dead horse.
OH CRAP, PETA  is outside my house they didn’t  like the dead horse line. Now they are carrying torches and pitchforks. Some are even calling my name.]

OMG, folks I think they want to harm me. I better find I better find a way sneak out the back door. Please forgive me, I will write a better  ending when the danger has passed.