It’s nice when our public servants don’t have partnership relations with foreign governments.  Donald Trump was accused of having that kind of relationship with Russia, but there was no evidence and it’s proven to be a hoax. Hunter Biden used his dad, now the President to develop corrupt business relations with Ukraine and America’s most dangerous competitor, China.  In this case, there is plenty of evidence, but the liberal media refuses to report about the evidence.  Hunter Biden has turned using his father’s influence into an art form, figuratively and literally. The latest troubling news about international wealth corrupting American democracy comes us from that laptop that Twitter banned stories about until after the 2020 election. Hunter spreading Chinese influence

A damning new report from New York Post columnist Miranda Devine and included in her new book, “Laptop from Hell,” reported Hunter Biden’s business dealings with a Chinese-linked energy consortium called CEFC.

Joe must have been proud since Hunter parlayed his Burisma experience into a lucrative China deal. Per the report for expanding CEFC influence in the United States, Hunter Biden helped expand Chinese influence in America for $10 million a year and $80,000 diamond. The report didn’t mention whether or not the diamond was set in a ring, but it seems the Biden’s were engaged to the CCP anyway.

After reading the hundreds of emails left on Hunter’s infamous laptop that he forgot to pick up after he left in a repair shop along with his WhatsApp history on the same device Devine, says that the Biden family offered their services to CEFC to help spread its business to other countries.

And it wouldn’t be a Democratic party scandal without some involvement, however remote, by the Clintons:

Devine writes in her new book, out Tuesday, that Ye Jianming, the chairman of CEFC China Energy, was tasked with expanding the Chinese energy consortium’s influence around the world, and James Gillar, a former SAS officer, recommended he link up with the Biden family.

Gillar reportedly connected Ye with Hunter Biden through Rob Walker, a former Clinton administration official, whose wife, Betsy Massey Walker, had been Jill Biden’s assistant when she was second lady.

According to Ms. Devine, Geller was impressed with Hunter, or as he called him, “the sheikh of Washington.” Sheikh? Maybe that’s why Joe canceled all of that oil drilling. He doesn’t want to compete with his Arab friends. On second thought, I doubt it. That would require dementia Joe to remember for longer than an hour:

Gilliar emailed Walker in February 2015 to praise Hunter’s appearance in Beijing at a board meeting of the fledgling investment fund Hunter had founded with John Kerry’s son, called BHR.

“Hunter was great,” Gilliar wrote to Walker. “True sheikh of Washington.”

He emailed Hunter a few weeks later: “It has been made clear to me that CEFC wish to engage in further business relations with our group.”

Gilliar knew CEFC was the capitalist arm of President Xi’s Belt and Road Initiative to spread China’s influence — and debt traps — across the world. No Chinese company executed its goals more ardently than CEFC and its young chairman, who was dubbed the “Belt and Road billionaire” in the press.

Hunter spreading Chinese influence

Hunter wasn’t acting alone. The book also explains that his dad, then Barack Obama’s Vice President, was involved:

In the winter of 2015, Chairman Ye and CEFC Executive Director Jianjun Zang, a.k.a. “Director Zang,” flew to Washington, DC. A meeting with Ye was scheduled in Hunter’s diary for December 7, 2015, in a week that was a swirl of back-to-back Christmas parties hosted by Joe and Jill at the vice president’s residence at the Naval Observatory.

One of his former associates, who spoke on condition of anonymity, believes that Hunter brought Chairman Ye to meet Joe at one of those parties. There is no indication of any such meeting on the laptop, but Hunter had a pattern of introducing business associates to Joe when they came to DC.

After all, Joe was the “Big Guy” and will make you an offer he won’t remember.

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Read the full Miranda Devine story in the NY Post here.

And her book Laptop from Hell goes on sale Tuesday, Nov. 30th.

Hunter spreading Chinese influence




Hunter spreading Chinese influence
Hunter spreading Chinese influence