I was working on a post about the racism of dogs. It drove me to realize that in recent years, so many things worldwide have been relabeled as racist.

I wanted to try to get an understanding of the breadth of this trend. Google didn’t have a list of recent items or events being labeled racist, nor did any of the other search engines.

So there was only one source left—mine, The Lid.

The 25 post titles below link to most of the “newly racist” items posted on Lidblog since January 2022. Why January 2022? Damned, If I know—it felt right. There were more than 25 on the site. It was limited to 25 to ensure the post would not be too long. Each of the titles links to the original post. Therefore, if you want an additional explanation, feel free; Some titles are followed by snark in black and white).

ONE IMPORTANT NOTE: As you read through these titles, you may wonder, are these people, idiots? Based on their racism labels, they must be?

In the end, not everything has become racist, but too many items have been unfairly labeled racist by crazy woke liberals. The more they do that, the more the word racist will have no meaning.