foreign nationals receiving vaccine

Breitbart reported that foreign nationals from a number of countries, but mostly Mexico, are flocking to the United States to get the vaccine for the Chinese coronavirus even the CDC reports only 11% percent of Americans have yet to receive their first dose.

A report in the liberal Washington Post detailed how likely thousands of foreign nationals are traveling to the U.S. to get the coronavirus vaccine, cutting in line before about 280 million Americans who have not yet been vaccinated.]

One of Mexico’s best-known TV hosts sat in a car, masked, looking straight ahead while a needle was plunged into his bare upper arm. Juan Jose “Pepillo” Origel was the latest Mexican national to get the coronavirus vaccine — by coming to the United States.

“I’ve known lots of Mexicans, thousands, who have gone to get the vaccine in the U.S.,” he added. “And nothing happened. In San Antonio, Laredo, all along the Mexican border, Mexicans are going to get the vaccine.”

There have been reports of Canadians, Argentines, and others coming to Florida to get vaccinated. An Argentine television personality last month posted a video of her mother getting vaccinated in Miami on social media.

Recently Florida put in new rules to prevent vaccine tourism. . Begining on January 27, just a few days after Mr. Origel got his vaccine, people had to show a driver’s license, utility bill, or another kind of Florida proof of residency must be shown before inoculation.

Texas only vaccinates Texans. California immunizes anyone with a pulse: residents, illegal aliens, vaccine tourists, even governors who believe the COVID rules he sets don’t apply to him.

If you live in a state that allows foreigners to get vaccines before citizens, you can thank your liberal government.

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foreign nationals receiving vaccine

foreign nationals receiving vaccine