The only way to stop a bully is to fight back.  Donald Trump and his campaign manager have been trying to bully GOP political consultant Cheri Jacobus into silence, she got an attorney and is fighting back!

Politico is reporting that Cheri Jacobus, the political consultant whose story had been covered exclusively here at The Lid is threatening to bring a lawsuit against the Billionaire Bloviator of Birtherism.  Ms. Jacobus’ attorneys have sent a letter to Trump and his campaign manger letter warning the pair to cease and desist from making “false and defamatory” statements about her or face legal action.

The letter, obtained by POLITICO, refers to statements made by Trump and campaign manager Corey Lewandowski accusing Jacobus of holding an anti-Trump grudge because she tried unsuccessfully to get a job on his campaign.


Jacobus’s letter–sent by lawyer Bruce Barket of Barket, Marion, Epstein & Kearon in New York–says the pair are misrepresenting what happened. According to the letter, it was an employee of Trump who first reached out to Jacobus to ask if he she was interested in a position on the campaign.


“By impugning Ms. Jacobus’s status as an objective and serious political commentator, your live-television statements to Morning Joe and follow-up ‘Tweets’ were per se defamatory because they painted her as petty and biased in a profession permitting neither,” states the letter, which concludes, “Any violation of this cease-and-desist demand will be treated in Court accordingly.”


On Wednesday The Lid was first to break the story proving the deceitfulness of claims by Mr. Trump and his campaign manager that Cheri Jacobus begged them for a job in the campaign. I interviewed Jim Dornan, Ms. Jacobus’ friend who was the first contact from team Trump. I had sent Dornan an email with Facebook conversations he had with Jacobus. She had sent them to me and I asked Dornan to verify their truth.

While he couldn’t get into the specifics of the lunches, conversations etc, because he signed a non-disclose with the Trump team, he was able confirm as valid a Facebook message conversation. Mr. Dornan told me that the following Facebook conversations were absolutely true. They all occurred in May 2015. The first conversation (May 18th)  is the key one which proves that the Trump campaign approached her first.

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 2.32.19 PM

Important Note: Mr. Dornan confirmed both the screen shot above and the typed version of the May 19th messages below:

May 19- Jim to Cheri: He liked you. I thought it went well

May 19-Cheri to Jim:Thanks for arranging the meeting. I am intrigued and am thinking about what I would need. I was just reading the Des Moines Register piece

 May 19-Jim to Cheri: TOTAL AGREEMENT!! Corey [Trump’s Campaign Mgr Corey Lewandowski] wants to sit down with you next week. I just got off the phone with him. Can you get away for 30 minutes or so? I know your parents are in town

Trump made his claim that Ms. Jacobus was lying on Ground Hog day, his campaign manger claimed that Cheri begged them for a job on the Morning Joe program the week before. His lie and the story of Cheri Jacobus’ two meetings with Trump’s Campaign Mgr. Corey Lewandowski was covered in a 1/27 post,  “Trump Camp Told Her They Were Confident From Start They Had Ailes In The Bag

Donald Trump has shown time and again that he is a very powerful man who uses his power to bully others even if it means lying (as the evidence above proves). Cheri Jacobus is a woman who refuses to be bullied and should be congratulated for her legal action.