If you need any evidence that the Democratic Party version of the Select Benghazi committee report is nothing more than a load of smelly political cow chips, think about this for a moment.  The report mentions Donald Trump 23 times. Donald Trump was hosting The Apprentice around the time of the 9/11/12 terrorist attack on our mission in Benghazi Libya, there is no reason for Donald Trump to be mentioned in the report unless you want to deflect from the truth. And that’s exactly what the Democrats have been doing since this House Select Benghazi Committee was empaneled.

The Democrats’ biggest contention seems to be that committee chair Trey Gowdy is purposely dragging out the committee’s investigation to hurt Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. The truth is the Obama administration has been holding back evidence at every turn,

The Obama administration’s serial delays in producing documents total more than 10,000 days, the equivalent of over 27 years. Since (and including) New Year’s Eve, the committee has received more than 6,500 pages of documents from the State Department, including over 400 just last month.

And the committee even tried to help the State Dept. speed up turning over documents by getting it extra funding (don’t believe me, believe the State Dept.)

According to the committee’s Press Secretary Matt Wolking

“Benghazi Committee Democrats’ obsession with the former Secretary of State is on full display. For over two years they refused to participate in the Majority’s serious, fact-centered investigation. The dishonest Democrats on this committee falsely claimed everything had been ‘asked and answered.’ They said the committee had found ‘absolutely nothing new.’ If that’s changed, they should come clean and admit it. If not, everyone can ignore their rehashed, partisan talking points defending their endorsed candidate for president.

Heck how would the Democrats even know what the committee discovered?  The Democrats on the committee have this strange habit of not showing up when witnesses are being interviewed.

“As Chairman Gowdy has said, this is not about one person. This investigation is about the four brave Americans we lost in Libya: Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods, and Glen Doherty. That is how the Majority has conducted its thorough investigation, and we look forward to revealing the new information we have uncovered to the families and the American people.”

Now check this out. The political document released by the Democrats had a total of 339 pages. Hillary Clinton is mentioned 334 times (Libya where the attack occurred is refried to 317 times) . Leon Panetta the defense secretary was named only 82 times, CIA Director Petraeus (who lost people in the attack) was mentioned only 36 times, and president Obama was mentioned only 23 times.  If this was put together for any other reason than to absolve Clinton why was she mentioned 14x more than the President and 4x more than the secretary of defense both of whom were involved at least on the day of the attack. And why was Donald Trump who wasn’t involved mentioned more than two of the heroes killed in the Benghazi attack, and why was YouTube, where the video the administration claimed caused the attack was housed, only mentioned four times in the entire report?

Other strange inclusions in this load of political bull-dinky:

  • “Republicans” appear 200 times-another indication of the real goal of the Democrat release.
  • Blumenthal as in Sidney, appears 55 times.
  • David Brock as in Media Matters the Democratic Party Propaganda group appears a dozen times.
  • “Correct the Record” appears 8 times, but the record hasn’t been set yet. The official committee report isn’t out yet.

Now compare that to the people who the investigation is really about the four people who lost their lives. Chris Stevens is refereed to 85 times, Sean Smith 36 times, Tyrone Woods 6 times, and Glen Doherty 15 times.

Here’s the truth about this little piece of political propaganda. The Democratic Party couldn’t give a rat’s arse about the four people who died, neither do they care about finding out the truth, or preventing something like this from ever happening again. The only thing they care about is protecting Hillary Clinton from a report that hasn’t been completed (or even written yet).

Shame on Elijah Cummings (D-MD), Adam Smith (D-WA), Adam Schiff (D-CA), Linda Sanchez (D-CA) and Tammy Duckworth (D-IL). You all should know better! The entire reason Trey Gowdy was selected to chair this committee is that as a former prosecutor he knew how to run the investigation in a professional not-political manner. And that’s what he is trying to do. But the Democrats on the committee have done nothing but turn it into a political circus. America deserves to know what happened. More importantly the families of the four victims deserve to know what happen, and these five political hacks are doing their best to make sure no one learns the truth.