During her “Donald Trump is a bigot” speech last Thursday Hillary Clinton repeatedly referenced Donald Trump’s controversial remarks about Muslims. Giving a speech last November she was just as strident in her defense of Muslims when she said, “Muslims have nothing to do with terrorism.” Strange thing is Hillary herself has not been “squeaky clean” about Muslims (at least from the liberal point of view). After 9/11 when she was the Senator from NY, Ms. Clinton called for the profiling of Muslims–or do anything it takes to protect the American people.

Giving a speech about fighting ISIS at the Council on Foreign Relations last November, Ms. Clinton made it clear that she did not believe Muslims had anything to do with terrorism.

Online or off-line, the bottom line is that we are in a contest of ideas against an ideology of hate, and we have to win. Let’s be clear, though, Islam is not our adversary. Muslims are peaceful and tolerant people, and have nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism. The obsession in some quarters with a clash of civilization, or repeating the specific words radical Islamic terrorism isn’t just a distraction, it gives these criminals, these murderers more standing than they deserve. It actually plays into their hands by alienating partners we need by our side.

Perhaps she doesn’t know that ISIS stands for Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. Islam is part of their freaking name!!! All Muslims are not members of ISIS, but all members of ISIS follow Islam.


But back in 2001 when she was the Junior Senator from New York, Ms. Clinton thought differently.

In an interview with Sam Donaldson for ABC’s This Week on the Sunday after 9/11, Clinton said we needed to do everything possible to prevent a terrorist attack – even profiling. Since it was known that the 9/11 attack was conducted by radical Muslims, Clinton was talking about profiling people who practiced or looked like they practiced Islam.

“Let’s talk about American life now, though,” said ABC host Sam Donaldson. “What happens in the future from the standpoint of the question of security versus relaxation or giving up some of the freedoms that we’ve enjoyed in this country? How far do we go, for instance, on airline security?”


“Well, I think everyone recognizes we have to tighten security. We have to do whatever it takes to keep our people safe,” Hillary Clinton replied.


Donaldson said, “Including profiling, senator?”


“I think we have to do whatever it takes, Sam. And I believe that, you know, Tuesday changed everything. Tuesday was a day that America has never, ever had to experience. And I hope to heaven that we never have to again. But we are in a war situation, and we’re going to have to do things people do in times of war. I just heard your interview with the mayor, and I think he’s right to look at examples in history like the Battle of Britain. Many of us have been studying what others did to carry on. And we know that we have to make tradeoffs in convenience, in our freedom of movement, without undercutting or losing our way of life and our values, which I really want to make America special and great. And we can’t ever let anyone undermine that.”

Little has changed in the intervening years: The U.S. is still fighting radical Islamists who have the ability to execute major acts of terror throughout the world. Instead of al Qaeda being our chief terrorist enemy, we now face a more brutal ISIS. The day Hillary made her November 2015 speech claiming that Muslims have nothing to do with terror., Islamic terrorists, took over a Hotel in Mali (they were screaming Allah Akbar). At first they had 170 guests, but they released any guest who could recite a line of Quran. In the end 27 people were brutally executed another six were wounded.

There have been nine Islamic terror attacks in the past twenty months, killing 68 Americans and wounding another 86.

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The only real differences in the fifteen years since she sat down with Sam Donaldson is that Hillary Clinton no longer says that profiling is necessary. Now she says there is no connection between Islam and terrorism.  The other difference is that Hillary Clinton no longer a senator New York which was devastated by the 9/11 attacks, she is running for president and pushing the belief that as long as Americans keep our collective heads in the sand and dream of unicorns and daisies, nothing will happen to us.  That’s a foolish attitude that won’t result in peace, it will result in dead Americans.

Watch the almost 15-year-old Hillary/Donaldson interview below: