NOBODY would be stupid enough to confuse a Star Wars ‘stormtrooper’ as a public danger, would they? Four Canadian cops and an arrest later, welcome to 2020, folks. This incident is an example of the difference between Canadian cops, and American ones. American cops would laugh at the costume, but Canadian ones: Canadian Star Wars promotion 

In a sleepy little Canadian University town, just days after new draconian gun-grabber rules went through (without even being voted on by Parliament), multiple nosy busybodies got their panties in a twist over … a Star Wars Promotion.

That’s right, a Star-Wars themed business was trying to cash in on the hype around May Fourth (a play on the words of that recurring line ‘may the Force be with you’ by having one of his employees throw on a costume and stand in front of the store.

She was wearing a Storm Trooper costume and holding a plastic ‘Blaster.’

The police came. This is the point in the story where a rational mind looks at the person in the Storm Trooper suit, hears ‘Quiet Riot’ blasting in some nearby speakers, looks at the store she’s standing in front of, takes a closer look at what she’s holding, realizes this is a ridiculous misunderstanding and has a laugh about it over a beer later.

That’s how this story would have gone if a RATIONAL mind were involved here. For reasons that are not yet clear, these cops took this ‘threat’ super-seriously. As in, the girl in the suit wound up in handcuffs, with a bloody nose over it.

No kidding.

It’s a good thing someone stopped to film this. Probably nobody would have believed it otherwise. It’s the kind of thing that just might have been swept under the rug if the ‘mainstream’ media chose not to cover it. Remember: in Canada, panicked overreactions to firearm ownership are something to be encouraged, not exposed as ridiculous.

Police showed up with their guns drawn.