According to the Center Square, Bidenflation is so bad that Americans now have to make 80 percent more income to buy a home than they did four years ago.

Biden is hurting Americans every single way.

“The income needed to comfortably afford a home is up 80% since 2020, while median income has risen 23% in that time,” the report states. That equates to $47,000 more than four years ago.

“Home shoppers today need to make more than $106,000 to comfortably afford a home,” according to the report. “That is 80% more than in January 2020.”

A monthly mortgage payment for a typical U.S. home has nearly doubled since January 2020, the report notes, up 96.4% to $2,188. The calculations are based on a 10% down payment.

Home values also increased over 42% in the last four years, with the typical home nationwide worth roughly $343,000, according to Zillow’s January market report. Mortgage rates in January 2020 were 3%, the report notes. By February 2024, they are closer to 7%.

Meanwhile, wages are flat while everyone’s costs soared.

Four years ago, a household income of $59,999 a year could afford a typical monthly mortgage. That was even below the median income of $66,000.

Today, about $106,500 is needed to afford a mortgage payment, while a typical household income that rings in at about $81,000 a year.

Biden is destroying this country.

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