Admittedly it was a cowardly move, but after I saw the movie “The Paper Chase,” law school seemed like an impossible goal, and John Houseman was intimidating. Look at the guy. What if I had a law school professor that acted just as he did in the movie?

Well, maybe law school wasn’t an impossible goal, but John Housman’s character made it seemed like a legal degree was too much work. That move was a significant factor in my decision not to go to law school. A.G. Barr judiciary committee.

While growing up, my choice was between law school or med school. Being a bit of a maverick, I went in a different direction.  When I told my mom of blessed memory that I wanted to be an actor, she gave me the silent treatment for a few weeks.  Her reaction was much better than it was a few years earlier when she learned of my desire to become a rabbi, “What kind of job is that for a Jewish Boy?”

However, as it turned out, they weren’t too disappointed, they liked my jobs in advertising, who I married, and the two grandchildren. The unfortunate part is that until Attorney General William Barr testified before the House Judiciary Committee, I didn’t realize they could have been much happier. It was during Barr’s testimony I learned I had all the necessary qualifications to be Attorney General of the U.S.

This isn’t meant to belittle the qualifications of A.G. Barr.  He has a sharp legal mind and continues to prove he is a highly moral person.

During my four undergraduate years and two years of graduate school, I took a grand total of one law course. However, I didn’t need any more than that to be the A.G. Watching the five+ hours of the Judiciary Committee hearing with A.G. Barr impressed upon me was, one does not require a legal background to be Attorney General.


During the five-plus hours of the hearing, Democratic Party members of the committee made false accusations and other ad hominem attacks directed at Mr. Barr. When he tried to answer or respond to a question, they would quickly interject “reclaiming my time.” He didn’t have to explain anything–well they didn’t really want him to answer—you see–no legal knowledge needed.

How cool is that!  To be qualified to be the attorney general of the United States, all one needs is to listen to Democrats make false accusations–that’s it. An A.G. doesn’t have to answer a single question—heck, the Democrats didn’t want answers. They just wanted to make unanswered attacks.  Even with my lack of legal knowledge, I knew the difference between state and federal legal responsibilities, which is something Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) didn’t seem to understand. When Barr tried to answer Jayapal snapped, “Excuse me, Mr. Barr, but this is my time. I control it…” She kind of sounded the opening of the Outer Limits T.V. show, “Do not attempt to adjust the picture. We are controlling transmission…”

A.G. Barr stayed calm and professional throughout the attacks— that’s all an attorney general needs to do.  When Hank Johnson (D-GA) said Barr’s opening statement that his opening statement read “like it was written by Alex Jones or Roger Stone.” Barr didn’t respond with something snarky like, “I was afraid if I answered Guam would tip over.” Nor did he answer Eric Swalwell’s (D-CA) attacks by asking if the Rep. still wants to nuke gun owners or Steve Cohen (D-TN) why he didn’t bring KFC?

Rep. Madeleine Dean (D-PA) wins the Barbara Boxer award as the member of Congress whose questioning whose line of questioning seemed the most imbecilic.  Watch Barr’s face when she talks about DOJ policy.


A.G. Barr looked at Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee for that entire time, and not once did he ask what is living in that big thing that looks like hair on top of her head?

To be totally honest, I would have gotten snotty with all of them. Rep. Nadler (D-Iran) was late because he supposedly was in a car accident, I probably would have responded to his attacks by asking whether it was really a car accident, or did his stomach staple fall out, causing him to inflate, getting him stuck between McDonald’s golden arches. They had to lure him out with a box of Oreos.

Totally ironic was the fact the still portly Nadler didn’t want to give Barr a short break to grab something to eat. Barr didn’t get snotty….well except when Nadler said he couldn’t take a break to eat, “You’re a real class act,” Barr said to Nadler before laughing at the chairman. “A real class act.”

That’s what A.G. Barr was at the hearing and what the Democrats weren’t—a real class act.

You know on second thought—even if legal knowledge isn’t needed to be the U.S. Attorney General, I don’t want the job. There is no way to sit through five-plus hours of the Democratic Party stupidity without getting snarky. Barr can, but I can’t.

  Barr judiciary committee

Barr judiciary committee