During a recent broadcast of his popular podcast, Joe Rogan Ripped Fani Willis, Letitia James, and the political persecution of former president Donald Trump, saying, “It seems like what happens in banana republics.”

Rogan spoke about how many times they’ve indicted Trump.

“It’s kinda crazy because it seems like what happens in banana republics, but just somehow or another, it’s okay? The exact same thing? Did you see when that guy from Shark Tank? Kevin O’Leary, when he was discussing this whole thing, saying, ‘you’re gonna ruin real estate development in New York.’ People won’t want to do real estate deals there because this is how they do it,” Rogan said.

“When they say my building is worth $400 billion, you’re supposed to say no, it’s worth $300 million. Here’s a loan on $300 million. To say that that’s fraud when he paid the loans back. Yeah, this is crazy. That is the epitome of, what are you doing? What are you chasing? What have you not chased down? Can we go over what you have not chased down, and you’re chasing this down? ”

“Is it possible that you’re doing this because this guy’s running for president? Because it kind of seems like it to the world. It looks real suspicious. It looks like real like you’re trying to prosecute your political opponents,” he said.

He then spoke of the judgment piled on Trump’s shoulders. “360-something million dollars. That’s insane. It’s a lot of money. Where does it go? Because there are no victims, right? That’s a problem. Elon tweeted that. It’s like, OK, were does it go? It’s just kind of bonkers,” Rogan continued.

“And then you got the fucking Georgia one with that Fani lady. That lady is in trouble. She’s in trouble. She’s in real trouble,” Rogan said of corrupt Democrat prosecutor Fani Willis in Fulton Country, Georgia.

“The whole story is amazing, though, you see her on the trial getting sassy and see that her explanation was cash. She keeps a lot of cash around the house. Like, where do you get this cash? Why do you have so much cash to pay for all these vacations? You paid him back? What? It’s like a little kid’s explanation. Oh, I paid them back in cash,” Rogan said, blasting Willis.

“The other thing she tried was, I am not about to emasculate a black man. What does that mean? That is not an answer to a question. But that’s a way to throw up that race card and get out of this question. We’re just talking about what you did with the money. Tell us about the money. What happened here?” He said of the prosecutor’s testimony in her own trial on her fitness for her position.

Joe Rogan made these remarks 24 hours before Georgia Judge Scott McAfee ruled Fani Willis could continue her racketeering case against former President Trump if she removes the prosecutor, who took her on numerous luxurious vacations as they hid their affair from the court.

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