Another fake hate crime supposedly committed against a “Palestinian” has been busted in Vermont. But, even if it wasn’t, the left’s claims that Muslims face persecution in the U.S.A. is all bunkum.

You may recall the Nov. shooting perpetrated in Burlington, Vermont in which three so-called “Palestinian” students were shot and injured by 48-year-old Jason J. Eaton who was arrested and is now being tried for the crime.

The left immediately claimed that the shooting was a “hate crime” against “Palestinians” and is proof that Muslims are facing “racism” here in the U.S.A.

However, from his social media posts, it appears that the accused shooter was a supporter of Hamas — or at least excused their Oct. terror attack on Israel on Oct. 7.

But, even if the shooter in Vermont was a hater of Muslims or so-called “Palestinians,” it would not matter. Because, the claim that the U.S.A. is a hotbed of “hate crimes” against Muslims is a false notion.

The latest U.S. hate crimes stats from the FBI, for instance show that hate crimes against Jews is double that of “other” races.

Hate crimes against blacks was reported at 3,424 in 2022. The hate crimes against Jews read in at 1,124. Meanwhile “other races” were at a mere 399.

In other words, there is no giant rise in so-called “hate crimes,” especially against those other than blacks and Jews.

Now, you’ll see many media stories that claim there is a “rise” in hate crimes. But that “rise” is almost never qualified in the actual number of cases. The media will say “soared” and “hiked” and “rose.” But they never give you actual numbers.

And, as you can see, the numbers are still small even if they did rise. In a nation of 330 million people, several hundred, even several thousand “hate crimes” is pretty much a drop in the bucket as far as crime goes.

There is no such thing as any epidemic of hate crimes in the U.S.

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