Gee, usually I have to drink a few beers before I start seeing pink elephants and purple unicorns.  But the truth is, all I really have to do to see those fantasy animals is get a job with Anheuser-Busch, the beer conglomerate that brought America Budweiser beer and made us fall in love with Clydesdales. If I knew that years ago, it would have saved me from spending lots of time in the bathroom kneeling before the porcelain throne.

The purple unicorns are the result of another major American company bowing to the god of corporate wokism. What they call inclusiveness and diversity training is really in part forcing employees to understand their nongender agenda. They are even using a woke “gender unicorn” in their training sessions to force employees to toe the transgender agenda. The gender unicorn curriculum was originally developed for children in grades K-12.

PJ Media was alerted to the program via a whistleblower who provided an email from Anheuser-Busch, “Chief People Officer” Lindsay King. What the heck is a chief people officer? Is it a police officer who works for the chief of a Native American tribe?  Based on the job described, it sounds like what used to be called a human resources director. But I never had to call a human resources director—chief

The PJ Media story explains:

In the letter, King uses typical language about an inclusive workplace and how diversity brings better ideas. This new curriculum follows “Psychological Safety” training for company leaders designed to “foster environments where our teams and perspectives can thrive.” The overall goal is “maintaining an inclusive work environment, one where every individual feels respected and empowered to bring their authentic selves to work every day.”

No employer really wants that. Employers want employees to come to work, complete their assigned tasks, and contribute to the success and profitability of the enterprise. Anheuser-Busch knows this and integrates these concepts into their Ten Principles.


The Ten Principals? From a Unicorn? Didn’t Moses carry the Ten Principals (Commandments) down from Mount Sinai? I didn’t know that one could drink enough beer to believe that Moses was a purple unicorn.

The training material also contains:

One image in the training materials features a Gender Unicorn. The Unicorn is a Trans Student Educational Resources (TSER) production and was initially intended for school-age children. According to the organization’s website, the implementation of this curriculum has not been without controversy in K-12 settings. ASU incorporated it into the Anheuser-Busch training. It educates employees on far-left gender ideology and claims your sex is “assigned” at birth rather than a function of your biology:

Other slides in the program claim that gender is not real, but is just a “set of behaviors” and “cultural meanings.”

A dozen other idiotic proclamations from the woke political agenda training program are being pushed on A-B employees.

Check PJ Media to see them all.

H/T Flag and Cross