According to the Associated Press Hillary Clinton has clinched the Democratic nomination making her the first woman/felon nominated by a major party. Therefore the general election is all set Hillary vs. Trump.

Before we pivot to the general election it might be fun to look back at what/who we will be getting rid of in January. The Obama presidency cannot be covered in one post, so today we will cover foreign policy.

The below is a really quick review the first 7.5 years of Obama’s foreign policy. As they say pictures are worth 1,000 words therefore these 12 pictures are the equivalent of 12,000 words. Technically not all of the below are memes but all these pictures and/or captions were created from this sick mind of mine. In some cases these were created from two different images fused together, others involved a bit of photoshop, and there are some that were traditional memes, hope you enjoy:

From the start it was clear that Barack Obama misread Teddy Roosevelt’s signature line



Obama’s foreign policy was very different than traditional foreign policy, at points it seemed like something out of a movie, like the Iran deal:



This President had a strange way of picking friends and enemies:



On the bright side he did try a creative and unusual approach to Middle East peace he called Jew-capitulation:



It’s not that Obama didn’t like Israel, it’s just that preferred the Biblical approach, like Exodus chapter 1 verse 8:



While Obama insulted many of our allies beginning with the British (remember he returned the gift of the Churchill bust?) there were foreigners who really appreciated him:



And like any good diplomat he celebrated the heroes of every place he visited:



And let’s not forget Obama really knew how to select Secretaries of State.  His first was Hillary Clinton and then he selected:



Kerry is not only scary, but he has a very unusual kind of intelligence:


To his credit, when the president’s policies didn’t workout the way he wanted Obama always made a super-heroic effort to discover what happened (and who he could blame): 



Everyone had to listen and believe Obama, after all:



Besides—in the end, Barack Obama always has his one major victory, the one thing he’s done himself: