Researching the faux Reverend Al Sharpton for the 25th anniversary (8/19/16)  of the Crown Heights riot, I discovered these five videos below, a compilation of the local TV news coverage of the pogrom  (actually there were supposed to be six but the last one couldn’t be found).

In viewing the five films it became stunningly clear that this incident started as a tragedy, mis- managed by inept politicians, and an agitator from outside the community inflamed the violence. Just as he does to this very day with other incidents,  Al Sharpton called for arrests before the facts were revealed, complained that the media was only showing the violence, and in turn they protected Sharpton from being revealed as the charlatan he is.

Video 1: The Tragedy.  BTW notice how the local politicians immediately took sides without waiting for evidence. In this case the politician was disputing the Rabbi’s account of the police directing the ambulance to take care of the Jewish driver. The Rabbis account turned out to be true.


Video 2: Day 2, Complaints the Jews got better medical attention. False reports about the ambulance go viral and stir the violence.  Two cops sent to the hospital, second night of rioting. Day 3 More violence, cops shot with BB guns, local Blacks continue to attack Jews. Mayor meets with local black groups, even goes to the local schools.


Part 3: More of the 3rd night’s violence. City leaders get booed by Black community. Pictures of stores damaged an looted. Al Sharpton demands arrest of driver, without any facts.  Cops beaten up and mocked. Claims that the violent protesters come from outside of the community. The chants of the now familiar “no justice, no peace.” This time the accusations were not– too much police action, but the Jews were complaining that there was not enough police action.


Part 4: The Fourth night of the riots. Police show force. Both blacks and Jews complain that media is showing too much of the violence. It’s true.  There were protests during  press conferences.  Also strange is that there was mention of Al Sharpton protests but little coverage of Al Sharpton’s incitement during protests. For example the news  from this day reported the Sharpton rally marchers proceeded through Crown Heights, carrying antisemitic signs and an Israeli flag was burned. The MSM was protecting Sharpton even then.  Interestingly there was a discussion of how community pressure might effect whether or not there would be a prosecution.


Part 5: Night 5 the first mostly calm night. 500 March with Al Sharpton (surrounded by 2000 cops). Still more complaints that if the driver that hit Gavin Cato was black he would have been arrested. Jews complain to reporters about outside agitators claiming to be black leaders [Sharpton] inciting the violence. Al Sharpton contends the Jews need to accept the blacks.

I am really disappointed the 6th tape does not exist because it might of had clips of Gavin Cato’s funeral which was dominated by Al Sharpton’s eulogy. The “civil rights leader” loved by Obama and Hillary Clinton let loose with anti-Semitic vitriol. The below is from the book “Crown Heights Blacks, Jews, and the 1991 Brooklyn Riot by Edward Shapiro” (presently out of print). Read to see the anti-Semitic venom coming from this friend of Obama, Hillary, and other liberal Democrats.