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Schaftlein Report | Trump Announces 3rd Run at Presidency
Guest – Jeffrey Dunetz

On Thurs, 11/16, Jeff Dunetz, The Lid, did his guest gig on Wednesday instead of the usual Thursday guest gig on the Schaftlein Report. For those who don’t know, The Lid has the great honor of being Marks’s guest every once a week.

As usual on The Schaftlein Report. Mark and I had a great conversation on all the day’s hot news. It seems as if every time I am a guest on Mark’s show, it’s a big news day. It’s as if the government, leftists, and foreign maniacs wait till Tuesday night and Wed to do something outrageous, and this week was no different. Watch the video below for the best analysis of the news. On top of the video is a list of topics except for the tangents and The Lid’s snark.

1) 61% of Republicans say he should run

1A) 47% support him, 33% support DeSantis

1B) VP Pence – “There will be better choices,” National Review Editorial Board – “NO. (again)”

2) McConnell claims he will win today’s Senate Leadership vote. We support him.

3) DeSantis receives a standing ovation at the Republican Governors meeting in Orlando.

3A) He leads Trump by 7-8 points in Iowa, New Hampshire, FL, and GA.

4) Republicans achieve 218 in House, as CA-3 district winner Kevin Kiley declared. Media and AP not yet calling the race.

5) Gov. Abbott expands migrant busing to Philadelphia

6) Administration claims a large number of student loans will default. So what? They tried to forgive them illegally.

7) FTX collapse shows $1B in client funds missing. Will the Democratic party return $25M donated to creditors?

8) Missile as NOT launched from Russia.


Make sure to watch/listen to Mark’s program every Monday-Thursday. It’s always a great show, but to be honest, it’s a little more extraordinary on Thursdays when I’m the guest.

Truthfully no matter who’s the guest, you will enjoy tuning into the Schaftein Report every Mon-Thurs. You find the latest episodes with videos on the show’s website and the Schaftlein Report’s Facebook page, which can be found here. Also, you can listen to every show on Apple Podcasts here, Audible Podcasts by clicking here, or iHeart Radio at this URL.

Enjoy the video of the 11/16 episode above, and don’t miss any episode of the Shaftlein Report every Mon-Thurs.