Money, it’s one of the few things everybody likes. Conservatives try to make sure everyone makes more money. Liberals like your money more than theirs. But James Carville was right when he said, “It’s the economy, stupid”  To be honest, while I like money when I hear the word at home I get nervous because it usually comes after the words, “Daddy can I have some…” If Carville were a Republican, he would be happy because the economy seems to be booming. I’m not an expert though, therefore to explain what’s going on in the economy, the politics affecting it, and how to take advantage of it, we have an expert as a guest on today’s Lid Radio Show. Our special guest is Melanie Collette “The Business Diva,” radio host, professor, business consultant and pundit.

Lid Radio ShowListen to Lid Radio Show at 2pm as we welcome our special guest Melanie Collette “The Business Diva” host of the fantastic show on SHR Radio: “MoneyTalk with Melanie,” which can be heard on this SHRMedia network every Friday 5pm to 7pm. Melanie has been an educator for many years; teaching courses such as financial literacy, accounting, sports marketing, and computer applications. She is currently an adjunct professor at Rowan University. Melanie also consults with various companies about how they can develop a social media strategy, and in her spare time (how does she have any?) she is a contributor to Horn News.

If you aren’t a regular listener of MoneyTalk with Melanie you should be. The show features lively discussions of a wide range of global, domestic kitchen table financial topics, and of course politics.  Her guest list includes entrepreneurs, CEOs, and politicos who are experts in their fields. You can follow her on Facebook at and on twitter @MoneyTalkMel. The show’s web page is

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