One of the chief claims from the left is that illegals are not voting or registering to vote. But a new report shows that this claim is a lie.

Leftists and their media pals call you a “conspiracy theorist” if you worry that our election system lacks any sort of integrity. They say you are sowing lies and fear by claiming that ineligible voters need to be taken off state voting rolls. They say there may be a ew stray ineligible voters on the rolls, but it is a negligible amount and therefore not a problem. And besides, illegals can’t register to vote, so problem solved.

But a new report published in the New York Post finds that liberal Sec. of State offices in 49 states have been sending voter registration forms to illegals for decades.

Per the Post:

Welfare offices and other agencies in 49 US states are providing voter registration forms to migrants without requiring proof of citizenship, leading Republicans and conservatives to call for swift federal action to stop the handouts.

Every state but Arizona — which recently passed a law barring the practice on state but not federal forms — gives applicants for either welfare benefits, driver’s licenses, or in some cases, mail-in ballots voter registration forms without demanding proof of citizenship.

There is currently no requirement on federal voting forms to provide proof of US citizenship, though it is illegal to falsely claim one is a citizen or for a non-citizen to cast a ballot in a federal election.

But millions of migrants with humanitarian parole, refugee or asylum status are eligible for benefits that would bring them to the offices where voter registration takes place.

Millions if ineligible people are registering to vote across this country. Obviously not all of them are voting. But if even ONE is voting, it is a bad thing. Especially in elections that are close like so many have been over the last 20 years.

And it needs to be stopped. If we can’t even trust the registration system, we can’t trust anything that results thereafter.

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